What's going down under in Neighbours this week? Vaness and Rhys - a blossoming romance?

NeighboursThis week in Erinsborough, Rhys grows closer to Vanessa but is the doctor really interested in her or is he back to his old tricks again? Meanwhile, the bachelor's auction continues!

Monday 18th June

Worried that Karl may get a higher bid than him at the bachelor auction, Rhys invites Vanessa along and is pleased when she suggests she’ll bid on his behalf. As they prepare for the night out, Rhys’s feelings for Vanessa grow. However, when Lucas sees Vanessa bidding a huge amount of money on Rhys, he struggles with his suspicions and confronts Rhys, who openly confirms he likes Vanessa. Lucas knows he has no right to object, but can he really stand by and watch as the mother of his child falls for a man he doesn’t trust? Kate prepares to bid on Kyle at the auction, rousing the suspicion of Jade, who expected her to bid on a bachelor of her own. When Kyle’s turn comes up, Kate’s torn between following her heart and possibly betraying her best friend. But she makes her choice and wins the date with Kyle. Jade can’t help feeling confused, but Kate convinces Jade that her intentions are pure. Will a guilty Kate go through with the romantic date and tell Kyle how she really feels? Paul’s concerned when he learns of a huge secret bid to win him in the bachelor auction. Initially worried that it could be either Susan or Sheila, Paul’s pleased to discover his new PR consultant, Zoe, is responsible. However, he’s dismayed to learn she did it to help his profile – and he’s left to pick up the cheque.


Tuesday 19th June

After a fantastic evening at the charity auction, Vanessa plays down the romance of the night to a concerned Lucas, but is clearly looking forward to spending more time with Rhys on their date. Scared she’s setting herself up for a fakk, Lucas attempts to warn Vanessa that Rhys can’t be trusted, but she dismisses him. Her assessment of Rhys as a good man is strengthened as Rhys proves himself charming and thoughtful on the date. However, just as she starts to invest in Rhys, Vanessa is confronted to see him blast Susan, and decides then and there to shut down their blossoming friendship. While getting a routine check-up, Susan’s curious to see Elaine at the hospital, and decides to stick around and introduce herself. The two women get along like a house on fire, bonding over their mutual frustration at having long-term illnesses. When Elaine reveals some of Rhys’s struggles from the past, Susan’s sympathy is piqued; however, when Rhys finds out, he’s furious and fires up. Excited about spending the day bonding with her sister, Sophie is thrown to discover that Kate spent an exorbitant amount of money when she bid for a date with Kyle. Despite Kate’s claim that it was all in the name of charity, Sophie senses that there's something more at stake.


Wednesday 20th June

Confused by Vanessa’s abrupt change of heart, Rhys confronts Lucas, suspecting he warned her off. When Lucas admits he did but explains his advice fell on deaf ears, Rhys returns to Vanessa and learns that she rejected him as a result of his confrontation with Susan. With Vanessa insisting his behaviour was unacceptable, Rhys chickens out of giving her the explanation of why he was so angry and instead delivers Susan an apology. Assessing his growing feelings for her, Rhys decides not to give up, opening up a little to Vanessa in the hope of winning her over. Struggling to support Chris through his breakup, Tash resolves to find a third housemate. However, when her efforts with her fellow neighbours fall flat, she's forced to turn to Summer. Privately doubting she could live with Tash on a permanent basis, Summer guiltily uses Karl as an excuse and declines the offer. Fed up with what seems like endless disappointment, Chris irrationally gives Tash a serve before admitting he’s struggling to deal with the mistakes he made with Aidan. Needing stability, he decides to move back home. Tash tries to soldier on alone, but she’s completely thrown when a phone call from Michael reveals their house has been sold. What will she do now?


Thursday 21st June

Gearing up to tell Kyle how she feels about him, Kate nervously prepares for their date, only to be thwarted when Sophie arrives needing homework help. When Sophie, suspicious of her sister's intentions, begs her not to do anything that will hurt Jade, Kate shakes off her guilt and ultimately decides to go through with her plans - but could Kyle be about to change his mind? Thrown when Tash turns up on their doorstep, Karl and Summer agree she needs their support. But Tash quickly makes herself a little too at home, infuriating first Summer then Karl. Although Karl reminds Summer of the need to treat Tash with kindness, he’s the one who finally snaps. To his surprise, Tash admits her shortcomings as a house guest, prompting Karl to apologise and insists the invitation still stands. When Charlotte makes a surprise appearance at the Singles’ Boot Camp and makes it known she has clients who may be interested in franchising the concept, Jade is forced to pick up her game. Although she worries she's blown her big chance, Jade's surprised when Charlotte reveals that her contacts want to meet her - in person, in Sydney. Needing support, Jade invites Kyle along for the ride, forcing him to choose between her and his date with Kate.


Friday 22nd June

Seeing Summer invest in her new romance with Griffin, Andrew works to secure his business with the band despite his tension with his ex. While he’s relieved when Griffin cooperates, Andrew’s knocked for six when he catches him with another girl. Unable to stop himself, Andrew confronts him, and is confused when Griffin insists he and Summer aren’t exclusive. However, when Andrew learns Summer thinks her new relationship is serious, he warns Griffin to stop playing games or he’ll dump Red Cotton. When Griffin calls his bluff, Andrew ditches the band from his list - but can he also persuade him to keep away from Summer? Sheila tries to lift Kate's spirits following her cancelled date with Kyle. However, when Sheila asks to take a look at the books, Kate fears she’ll lose her only ally if her cover-up of Lou’s underhandedness is exposed. While she manages to keep Sheila off the scent, Kate realises they need to pay back the money immediately, and so decides to take care of the debt. Lou’s furious, but Kate insists he can still salvage his pride – by owing her instead. Meanwhile, Karl throws himself into preparations for The Right Prescription’s next gig. However, when his creative differences with Ajay continue, Adrian reaches boiling point and quits the band.

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