What's happening in Walford this week? Janine's wedding plans put her health at risk!

EastendersThis week in Walford, Janine is told that she may have to delay her wedding when the doctor says that the stress of planning the big day is taking its' toll on the baby! With thanks to BBC1!

Tuesday 19th June

Abi remains determined to keep her engagement to Jay a secret, but when her ring becomes firmly stuck on her finger, all hell breaks loose. Janine's wedding plans suffer a setback when her doctor warns her to postpone after the stress takes its toll on her pregnancy. Derek continues to steal money from Lucy, unaware that someone is watching.


Wednesday 20th June

Jean shows Michael that she is a force to be reckoned with when she destroys his most valued possession, while Kat and Alfie reach an alarming conclusion about recent events. Max and Tanya try to convince Abi not to throw her life away by marrying Jay, while Lauren vows to help Lucy out of her latest predicament. Derek forces Anthony to take Alice out on a date, and there are a few surprise guests for Janine's wedding.


Friday 22nd June

Wedding bells are ringing for Michael and the heavily pregnant Janine as their big day dawns, but will everything run smoothly for the wickedest couple in Walford? A desperate Jay presents Abi with an ultimatum to prevent her from leaving the Square, while Max stuns Tanya with a surprising declaration. Derek is rocked by the unexpected arrival of his son Joey - but is he Alice's knight in shining armour, or the devil in disguise?

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