What's happening in Home And Away? Goodbye Colleen!

Down in Summer Bay this week, the residents say bye to one of the stalwarts of the area as Colleen Smart heads off for pastures new with her Lancey!

Monday 11th June

After Hayley kisses Liam, he realises he isn’t in the best place to help her detox and leaves. While Brax's sympathy is in short supply when he learns Hayley's done a runner, blaming her manipulative ways, Liam finds himself full of self-loathing, wishing he could have been stronger. So when Hayley later returns and asks him to stick by her, he realises he can’t give up and reaches out to offer her a second chance. Worried about his court case and the impact it will have on Lottie, Harvey invites her to a special lunch as part of his plan to spend more time with her. However, despite it being an ideal opportunity for her to put Dex through the 'dad test', Lottie can't help but feel disheartened when during the get-together Harvey asks her boyfriend to take care of her while he's away, making it clear that he doesn't hold out much hope of winning the case – a fact that becomes harder to ignore when he later fires his lawyer and decides to represent himself. After winning the lottery, Colleen is brainstorming ideas for how she best to spend her money. A concerned Marilyn tries to convince her to spend it wisely and, when she realises that all Colleen really wants is to live near her son, decides to secretly intervene. To Colleen's surprise, Lance asks her to move to Las Vegas with him and his family, prompting her to make the decision to leave the Bay.

Tuesday 12th June

After Liam gives into temptation and sleeps with Hayley, he realises he is in dangerous territory and rushes out, leaving Brax to look after her. As Leah takes him to one side and warns him to get out of this toxic relationship, Brax grows convinced that Hayley is still playing her games and suggests she leaves town. But is that what Liam really wants?

When Gina organises a mediation between them, Townsend relishes in having Casey apologise for punching him, ultimately deciding against press charges. But when some River Boys take matters into their own hands and threaten him, Townsend grows convinced that Casey's behind the warning and resolves not to let him get away with it. Meanwhile, as the girls busy themselves preparing a surprise farewell for her, Colleen is already starting to feel forgotten and grows disappointed with the people she considered family. Can their secret plans win her round?

Wednesday 13th June

It’s Colleen’s last couple of days in the Bay and, little realising that a big party is about to be thrown in her honour, she’s still upset that her friends haven’t organised anything to say goodbye. Tired of feeling forgotten, she vents her frustrations to Roo and Marilyn – only for her friends to spring out of hiding ready to begin the celebrations. Overwhelmed, Colleen is so taken aback by the gesture that she can't help questioning whether she really wants to leave Summer Bay after all. After the incident with the River Boys, Townsend has decided to press charges against Casey. When Sasha tries to plead his case, Gina and John are there to witness Townsend losing it with her, shaking her up. Having decides to look into Townsend's past, Gina learns that he has had complaints filed against him previously, and uses the fact to convince him to drop all charges and move on to another position. Elsewhere, when Gina spots Jett walking along the beach, she approaches him to ask why he hasn’t been at school. After shrugging off her attempts at reaching out to him, he waits until she's out of sight before pulling out a wallet and pocketing the cash.

Thursday 14th June

Having overheard April asking John for help building a cot, Heath spots an opportunity to get involved and lets himself into the house to do it instead. Although Bianca's grateful for the gesture, it does little to change her mind about raising the baby alone, and she repeats to Heath the fact that she doesn't want him in her life. However, when she's later rushed to hospital fearing complications with her pregnancy, the question remains: for how long can Bianca shut him out? Meanwhile, just as Heath finds Indi's dumped wallet, Xavier spots Jett running away and can't help suspecting he might be to blame. His suspicions fuelled by Jett's reluctance to see Gina when she drops in to see him, Xavier later decides to visit his mother for a chat - but only succeeds in leaving Gina disappointed in him for his attempts at taking matters into his own hands. Elsewhere, Indi runs into trouble after borrowing Sid's car; and, as Romeo realises his dream of becoming a pro-surfer may never come true, Ruby tries to give him some hope by suggesting they go into business together.

Friday 15th June

Having rushed to hospital with fears for the baby, Bianca learns that, although there are complications with the pregnancy, the situation is nothing that can't be overcome. Worried that her stress levels are the reason for the scare, Bianca once again pushes Heath away, deciding she's not ready to let him into her life - or her heart. With Harvey's court case coming up, Roo convinces him to let Morag represent him - but is left disappointed when, having been advised to plead guilty to better his chances of avoiding jail time, he objects for fear of damaging his name. It's only when Dex reminds him that Lottie can't manage without him that Harvey's given food for thought: can he conquer his pride to do what's best for his daughter? When Indi tells her that she smashed his car, Sid refuses to bail her out. Running into Romeo, Indi vents to him about all her money problems, leaving both of them longing for what they once shared.

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