What's happening in Eastenders this week? Abi and Jay's relationship is put to the test!

EastendersThis week in Walford, Jay and Abi's relationship is put to the test once and for all. Meanwhile, Poppy arrives back in Albert Square eager to help Janine out with her wedding plans.

Tuesday 12th June

A heated argument leads to the spark being reignited in Max and Tanya's relationship, but Max is shocked when Tanya asks him a life-changing question. Poppy arrives back on the Square, bragging about her new life - but does she have something to hide? Lucy plays a dangerous game when she finds out Derek's probation officer is on the Square.

Thursday 14th June

Abi is furious when she discovers that Tanya has gone behind her back to accept the trip to Costa Rica. Roxy decides to come clean to Kat about her feelings for Alfie, while Janine is left shaken after a confrontation with Jean. Derek attempts to make amends with Alice

There are no episodes of Eastenders on Monday or Friday due to the Euro 2012 tournament. Thanks to the BBC for the episode synopsis'.