What's happening in Hollyoaks this week? The Savage Family have a party!

This week in Hollyoaks, sparks fly at the McQueen house when a drunk Mitzeee turns up! Elsewhere, Doug and Ste share a kiss but will it last? With thanks to Lime Pictures!

Monday 4th June

The McQueen’s aren’t letting Myra’s court date get them down – it’s party time at the McQueen’s with Michaela’s 21st and the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Mercedes finally turns over a new leaf, but when a drunk Mitzeee drops a bombshell can her positive outlook survive this devastating news? Also at the party Lynsey and Riley struggle with how to tell Mercedes about their relationship. And Ste and Doug deliver a cake to the celebration as well as the news that they are a couple.  The McQueen’s are sent into disarray though when Bart returns from court with some devastating news…

Tuesday 5th June

With Jacqui taking control at the McQueen’s Liberty finds herself homeless like Dirk and Dodger. Can the Savages raise enough money to buy a new home, or will they be forced to leave Hollyoaks forever? Mercedes struggles with the news of Lynsey’s betrayal but can she find it in herself to forgive her friend? A jealous Brendan can’t handle Ste and Doug’s relationship, but before he can do anything Doug comes clean to Ste about the money behind the Deli…

Wednesday 6th June

Testosterone is flying high in the Savage household.  Over the last few weeks the sibling rivalry has been out of control and this week it peaks when Dodger and Will find themselves in a race to raise enough cash to save their family, but when the competition heats up Will refuses to join forces with Dodger and instead makes a big decision that could cost him everything.  Manipulative Brendan presents Ste with a promising business proposal, but is that all he wants from his former flame? Texas and Leanne help Doug find a way to win back Ste but is he too late?

Thursday 7th June

It’s the day of Will’s big enchanted forest party – can it be a success or will his lie about the Headliner come back to haunt him? Elsewhere Ste finds himself having to choose between Doug and Brendan – but who will he pick, his violent past or his hopeful future? And Dennis seizes an opportunity to prove to the Savages that he’s not a total joke and heads to Liverpool to find a real headliner!

Thursday 7th June - 'Chasing Rainbows' E4 Special

The success of Wills party hangs in the balance as Dennis heads to Liverpool to track down a headline musician. With Leanne, Barney and Scott coming along for the ride will this ragtag crew be able to put aside their differences, and will Dennis finally manage to prove his family wrong and save the day?

Friday 8th June

Ste finally declares his love for Brendan, as long as he wipes out the Deli’s debt. Doug is devastated and makes a rash decision…  With no headliner Will is forced to face the baying crowds at his party, but will a shock arrival save the day?  Elsewhere at the event Dodger is rocked to the core when he discovers a shocking family secret…

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