What's going down in Home And Away this week? Romeo is rushed to hospital!

This week in Summer Bay, Ruby is horrified when she realizes the severity of Romeo's knee injuries, will his career be over?

Monday 4th June

When Romeo is whisked into surgery after suffering complications with his knee, Ruby is horrified to realise the severity of his injuries. Although the procedure appears to go well, however, Ruby's relief soon turns to disappointment as he stirs awake and calls out Indi's name. Pushed into it by Roo, Indi reluctantly agrees to Logan's request for company that evening, only to find herself distracted when during their date she learns of Romeo's condition. Left to consider Logan's offer of accompanying him on a business trip to Hong Kong, Indi decides to visit Romeo at the hospital - but finds herself on the outer when Ruby encourages her to let him rest. Despite Heath's attempts to get involved in anything related to the baby, Bianca continues to push him away. However, when he then turns to April in a bid to find out more, Bianca gives in and agrees to let him be a part of their child's life, even allowing herself to wonder if he'd make good father material after all.

Tuesday 5th June

Having tried and failed to score drugs from Heath, Jett turns his attentions to finding funds and decides to target Colleen, knowing she's preparing to auction off some valuable jugs. As her excitement builds in the run up to the sale, Colleen is devastated to return home to find her caravan door forced open and her collectibles broken on the floor. Meanwhile, when Xavier and John see Jett hanging out with some shady-looking characters on the beach, they speculate he was trying to contact Heath - whom Gina is quick to confront when the youngster fails to show up at school. As Romeo is left reeling by the news that he's not going to be able to surf again, Ruby attempts to lift his spirits by proposing they go into business together. Although Ruby's forced to apologise over her behaviour towards Indi the night before, Romeo takes things one step further when, having realised his marriage is over, he tells her he wants to be with her. With Gina wanting to borrow her ultrasound DVD for a class, Bianca is prompted to ask Heath for its return. Although he doesn't quite fool her when he claims not to have seen it, Bianca agrees to watch it with him, without failing to pick up on his joy.

Wednesday 6th June

Despite having convinced himself that it's the athletic guys who always get the girls, Dex soon finds that he has little to do to impress Lottie, who admits as he sets about his new training regime that she isn't really fussed about muscles. Adding to Dex's confusion is his awkward relationship with April, which becomes more complicated still when, having promised to stop avoiding her, he inadvertently misses one of her calls. With Colleen still in shock over the break-in and the police suggesting that she was deliberately targeted, Xavier names Jett as a potential suspect. As Jett claims he can't remember where he was at the time of the robbery, Gina tries and fails to get him to open up to her. Will Xavier have any more luck in forcing a confession? Meanwhile, Casey continues to fight the tension between him and Townsend, which only deepens when he accidentally spills pizza on him. When Casey is later given an automatic fail for failing to hand in an assignment on time, Sasha makes known the situation to Gina. As a result, Townsend is forced to remark the work but, when he makes a remark about Henri being a tart, provokes Casey into punching him. In the wake of her split from Xavier, Sasha realises her abusive relationship may have had a lasting impact on her - and that counselling with Natalie might help get her life back on track.

Thursday 7th June

Townsend's irate when he learns that Gina has settled on a four-day suspension and mandatory counselling as punishment for Casey, believing it to be nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Gina stands firm, concerned about taking things further in light of his criminal record, but it becomes clear when Casey's later questioned by police that Townsend has taken matters into his own hands. Casey implores him to be reasonable, but he won't back down - and nothing Gina says can change his mind. Meanwhile, when Lottie admits to her that she misses her father, Roo warns Harvey that he shouldn't leave bonding with his daughter until it's too late. Taking her advice, Harvey helps Lottie decide on how best she can approach Dex, who seems more than impressed and reciprocates her feelings. When Hayley approaches him to ask after Heath, Brax assumes she's looking for a drugs fix and warns her to stay away from his family. After then failing to fool Liam into giving her money, she finds herself forced to admit she has a problem, reluctantly agreeing to Liam's offer of a place to stay until the drugs are out of her system.

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