What's going down this week in Erinsborough? Sheila tries to match Kyle with Kate!

NeighboursThis week in Erinsborough, Kate is shocked when she is prepositioned by Sheila who thinks she and Kyle will be better suited than she and Jade are. With thanks to C5!

Monday 4th June

When Chris pleads with them to join the drive for blood donors, Toadie and Sonya set aside plans for their free afternoon in order to help out. Asked to take a pregnancy test as part of the screening process, Sonya struggles with the reminder of their fertility problems and leaves the room before learning the result. However, it isn't long before Rhys stuns the couple with some unexpected news. Feeling low after lying to George, Chris’s guilt deepens when Aidan assumes he told his dad the truth about their relationship. Hoping to ease his conscience, Chris rallies people for the hospital’s blood drive, only to be forced to confess when Aidan questions his enthuasiasm. Despite his promise to be honest about their relationship, Chris fears Aidan doesn't forgive him and resolves to make it up to him - but how? Meanwhile, seeing the stress Vanessa is under, Lucas assures her there’s no rush to move out, consequently enjoying the perks of having a chef in the house.

Tuesday 5th June

Ecstatic to learn they’re having a baby, Sonya and Toadie vow to keep the news secret until the all-important 12-week scan. But both are practically bursting with joy, struggling to get their affairs in order without rousing suspicion. With the cancellation of their trip to Europe first convincing Callum they're having money worries, and then an urgent call from Rhys adding to his concern, Sonya is forced to confirm the news that she’s pregnant – only to find herself overwhelmed by the supportive response. As Chris works to put things right with Aidan, Tash feels at a loose end on her own – and, when a guy cracks onto her, she overreacts and flees back to her friends. Focused on his own relationship and unaware of the Tash’s issues, Chris firmly gives her the brush-off. At a loss over where to turn, Tash is surprised when it's Jade who steps forward to give her the support she needs, urging her not to let fear control her life.

Wednesday 6th June

When Tash scores the job at Charlie's, Kate is ready to give up until Sheila prompts her to approach Celeste about the decision. Impressed, Celeste makes her the new manager of Charlie’s. As Kate celebrates, Sheila seems to be pushing her together with Kyle. Will her interference work for Kate again? Seeing Sonya pressured by her friends' excitement over her pregnancy, Toadie urges them to give her some space. But at the same time Susan convinces Sonya she should enjoy sharing the news. However, when Susan tells her that she should enjoy sharing the news, only for everyone to start avoiding the topic, Sonya worries that they don’t approve. Can Toadie convince Sonya to relax and focus on the baby? Just when it seems Sheila might be getting over her bad first impression of Lou, she begins to suspect that he’s ripping off her beloved grandson. Clearly wanting to get to the bottom of it, will she discover that Lou cooked Kyle’s books?

Thursday 7th June

Determined to take care of herself, Vanessa declines Lucas’s offer to help her out for the day. However, when Rhys clocks her carrying heavy cooking equipment into the house, he refuses to take no for an answer and, genuinely intrigued by her, accepts her impromptu offer to show him how to bake. While Vanessa sees this as a platonic gesture, Rhys’s fascination with her grows. Although he denies his feelings to his housemates, it’s clear when he mentions her to his mum that she’s gotten under his skin. Elaine insists he follow his heart, but will Rhys take her advice? Convinced there’s something dodgy about Lou, Sheila keeps a close eye on him and realises he’s scamming Vera. Confronted, Lou initially fears she’s discovered his bigger secret of cooking Kyle’s books, but when he realises she hasn’t, he denies her accusations anyway. Refusing to give up, Sheila blows Lou’s cover, thwarting both his chances with Vera and his ability to repay Kyle. Meanwhile, with Sheila pegging her the ideal match for her grandson, Kate convinces her (but not herself) that she and Kyle will only ever be friends, and that his relationship with Jade is meant to be.

Friday 9th June

After her recent MS relapse, Susan is determined to maintain a healthy work/life balance and, with some encouragement from Karl and Summer, enjoys attending her first yoga session. When it becomes clear during the class that instructor Bernard is interested in her, Susan plays it down; however, she's finally convinced to brave a new beginning when he asks her out for a drink, leaving her feeling proud of her decision to move forward – until, that is, Karl asks her to his gig on the same night. Assuming when he sees a gift Rhys has bought for Vanessa that the doctor is simply trying to show him up, Lucas confronts him and tells him to back off, adamant that he’s now taking responsibility for her himself. Lucas is pleased when Rhys appears to take his words to heart, but when he then turns up to spend time with Vanessa the following morning, it becomes clear that neither man is willing to back down. Karl’s put out when Ajay takes control of The Right Prescription, booking their first gig at Charlie’s, and worries that the band’s not ready. Needing to be able to see a familiar face in the crowd, he asks Susan to be there for moral support, but learning that she’ll be bringing a date leaves him feeling more nervous than ever.

With thanks to C5!

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