What's up in Walford this week? Kat is back!

EastendersThis week in Walford, Kat Moon is back and she's ready for business! However, will she be impressed when she finds out about Roxy's feelings for Alfie?

Tuesday 5th June

Jean is horrified to discover from Jack that the gym's investment scheme does not exist and, with the Vic low on stock, Roxy soon becomes suspicious. Michael and Janine return to the Square after a weekend away - but can Michael keep his bride-to-be away from an increasingly panicked Jean? Zainab's suspicions are aroused by Masood's mysterious behaviour.

Wednesday 6th June
Michael is forced to go to extreme lengths to discredit Jean - but will his devious plan pay off? A suspicious Roxy decides to break into the boxing gym to uncover the truth about the investment scheme, while Lola feels Janine's wrath after a spate of thefts at local properties. Meanwhile, Zainab is convinced she has the answer to Tam and Afia's marital difficulties, and Whitney finds life under the same roof as Tyler less idyllic than she imagined. Derek spots an opportunity when he sees Lucy struggling to manage Ian's businesses.

Thursday 7th June

Tamwar and Afia are forced to confront the problems in their marriage, but do they have the strength to overcome them? Derek offers to help Lucy with supplies for the cafe, but her gratitude soon fades as she discovers that his nice guy routine is all an act. Roxy finds herself out of her depth as Jean hits rock bottom and business at the Vic reaches crisis point.

Friday 8th June

A newly-returned Kat reasserts her authority by kicking Roxy out of the Vic and vowing to uncover the reason for Jean's meltdown. A fearful Michael keeps his distance when he discovers that Kat and Alfie have returned home, while Lucy sets her sights on an unsuspecting Alice in her determination to hit Derek where it hurts.

With thanks to BBC1 for the episode synopsis'!