What's happening in Hollyoaks this week? Doug faces up to his sexuality and the Savages move into a new pad...the halls!

This week in Chester, the Savage family are forced to move into halls but will they be able to adapt to life living there or will they fail to last even a single week? Elsewhere, as Doug fights his feelings for Ste, will he be able to face up to his sexuality once and for all? Meanwhile, Lynsey attempts to get through to Mercedes as she fails to move on from Silas, can anyone get through to the troubled lass?

Monday 28th May

The Savages discover their home has been stolen but will they find it before Dirk returns?  Leanne worries about Doug’s mood but isn’t prepared for his outburst.  A chance encounter with her dad leaves Maddie shaken – but can she compose herself before sitting her final exam?  Elsewhere, Riley’s rocked when Silas hits the headlines once more and Carmel’s love life takes yet another disastrous turn.


Tuesday 29th May

Texas and Leanne comfort a confused Doug but their efforts only succeed in distressing Doug further.  Mercedes takes drastic action to forget about Silas.  Elsewhere, Esther finds herself out in the cold when she tries to comfort Maddie.  Meanwhile, an overworked Ste is forced to employ an eager Barney when Doug fails to return to the deli and the students find themselves with some less than ideal houseguests when Will reluctantly offers shelter to his homeless family.


Wednesday 30th May

Lynsey tries to help Mercedes move on from Silas but the tortured vixen refuses to listen – how far will she go to rid him from her mind?  Texas takes matters in her own hands in her efforts to unite Doug and Ste but things don’t go according to plan.  Elsewhere, Riley is left questioning how well he truly knows those closest to him and Will finds himself caught between family and friends when the Savages make themselves at home in halls.


Thursday 31st May

A guilty Texas and Leanne attempt to fix Doug and Riley’s friendship as news of Doug’s sexuality spreads.  Lynsey finally starts to make a breakthrough with Mercedes but when Riley attacks Mercedes in light of her recent behaviour has he undone all of Lynsey’s good work?  Elsewhere, Dodger’s womanising ways push Will to breaking point when Dodger moves in on Ash…


Friday 1st June

Doug’s friends persuade him to tell Ste how he feels but is Doug man enough to go through with it?  Worried about outstaying their welcome Dodger and Dirk move out of Halls causing Will to question his loyalties.  Meanwhile, Mercedes and Riley grow closer but will Mitzeee’s return scupper Mercedes’ dreams?  Elsewhere, Barney is gutted when Ste is forced to sack him from the deli but can his friends persuade him not to quit university and leave Hollyoaks for good?


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