What's happening in Home And Away this week? Jett James makes a bad impression on VJ!

This week in Summer Bay, new guy Jett James gets off on a bad foot with VJ after he steals the schoolboy's shirt and then punches him! Elsewhere, Harvey admits his knowledge of the vote rigging in the mayoral election but when Roo defends him, things get complicated with Mel! Many thanks to Channel 5 for the episode synopsis!

Monday 28th May

After Harvey admits his knowledge of the Mayor's vote-rigging scam, Mel assumes that Roo's only sticking by him because he's used their child's death to guilt her into doing so. Harvey corrects her, unaware that Sid has shared details of their loss - only to end up pushing Roo away when he realises she knows more about him than he's been willing to share. Trying to process April's revelation that she still loves him and wants him back, Dex tells her he wants to be with someone honest and straightforward: he can't forgive her for faking an ankle injury to get closer to him. Leah is upset when VJ loses his school shirt, despite his being adamant that he didn’t misplace it and that instead it was taken. When VJ shows up at the diner with a bloody nose, Leah rushes him to Gina’s office, where he reveals he was attacked after approaching the culprit - none other than Jett James, Summer Bay High's newest recruit.


Tuesday 29th May
As Heath continues to worry about being denied access to his child once he or she is born, April tries without success to make amends with Liam following the revelation that he and Bianca are preparing to leave Summer Bay. However, when Liam realises Bianca's distress at the move, he comes to the conclusion that running away won't solve the problems and makes a life-changing decision about their future. New student Jett takes VJ's lunch and coerces him into providing free food from the diner. Meanwhile, when Gina interviews his mother Liz and learns she's not well, she promises to keep a close eye on him. Lottie decides that dad Harvey has to stop shutting out her brother’s death, finally pushing him to open up as together they share memories of Ben and talk about how much they miss him. Realising he also needs to put faith in Roo, Harvey makes it clear to her that he's ready to let her be there for him.


Wednesday 30th May

Following her return to Summer Bay, Hayley proposes Heath trades her drugs as payment for her legal advice. Heath initially rejects the offer but changes his mind when he learns that Liam has been lined up as the new manager of Angelo's. In the meantime he jumps to the conclusion that Bianca and Liam's split is a sign of her having chosen him instead - an assumption on which she's all too quick to set him straight. Meanwhile, still hurt by their break-up, Sasha shuts down Xavier's attempts to confront what happened with Stu; and Casey falls into conflict with his teacher, Mr Townsend, who issues him a detention after believing he's caught the teen boasting about his relationship with Henri.


Thursday 31st May

Furious to learn that Heath has given her drugs, Brax warns Hayley to stay away from him, his family and Liam. Rattled, Hayley in response ignites Liam's sympathy when she confides in him her fears that Brax will hurt her, prompting him to open up about his addict past and commit to helping her get clean. When Xavier raises his concerns for Sasha and her mental state, a worried Sid tries without success to reach out to his daughter. However, it's from Casey she draws most inspiration, finally admitting after seeing him stand up for himself that she struggles to do the same in the wake of what happened with Stu. Ready to accept help, she both surprises and delights Sid when she asks to see a counsellor. Elsewhere, Colleen is distraught to learn that son Lance is moving to America with his family; and, after Casey storms out of detention, Townsend ups the tension between them by reporting him to the police for illegally using the Angelo's delivery bike to give Sasha a lift home.


Friday 1st June

As Indi plunges herself further into debt by buying a dress she can't afford, Romeo's good luck runs out when, fresh from his Surf Comp win, he suffers a knee injury after narrowly escaping being hit by Steve's car. Although Romeo manages to conceal his pain during a meeting with a potential sponsor, whom he impresses enough to be able to seal the deal, at the hospital he's given the devastating news that the damage he's suffered will put him out of action for months. Elsewhere, Colleen battles her despair at Lance's decision to move to America, particularly in light of having given him all her money in the hope of moving in with him. Feeling her pain, her friends all pull in to buy her a ticket to the Gold Coast, in the hope of her being able to see him before he leaves.

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