What's going on down under in Neighbours this week? Kyle gets a surprise visit from his grandmother Sheila!

NeighboursThis week in Ramsay Street, Kyle has a surprise visitor when his grandmother Sheila Canning turns up out of the blue to pay him a visit, however when she accidentally mistakes Kate as his girlfriend, what will she make of his actual other half Jade? Elsewhere, Summer starts to develop feelings for Red Cotton member Griffin, has any chance of a reunion with Andrew gone out of the window?

Monday 28th May

Feeling low and struggling with the awkwardness of her new friendship with Andrew, Summer reluctantly attends the Red Cotton gig, where she soon feels confronted when Griffin starts paying her attention. Spurred on by Tash, she unexpectedly finds herself enjoying his company but, when Andrew witnesses the two sharing a kiss, can't help worrying that she's made a mess of things. Meanwhile, despite fearing a possible MS relapse, Susan attempts to hide her concerns from Karl. However, when she starts struggling with daily domestic tasks, she realises she needs to take action and, needing help, turns to Rhys instead. Although she’s wary of doing so, once Susan realises that Rhys understands her situation and respects her need for independence, she lets down her walls and allows him to help her.


Tuesday 29th May

Battling severe morning sickness as she commits to a job at Harold's, Vanessa’s grateful when Sonya pays her a visit with her collection of pregnancy books, returning the favour with some words of comfort over her new neighbour's struggles to conceive. Later, however, Vanessa can't help worrying her state of health is more serious than she first thought and accepts it's time to go the hospital. When Kate calls on him to be there for support, Lucas stands firm and hides out at the garage. Will his conscience gets the better of him? Hurt after witnessing Summer’s clinch with Griffin, Andrew initially avoids talking about what really happened but, when Chris hears the news from Tash, is forced to admit to him his part in the breakup. Trying to clear the air, Summer attempts an apology, but is thrown when Andrew makes light of the situation, covering his true feelings by insisting she has nothing to regret.


Wednesday 30th May

Realising he should have gone to the hospital with Vanessa, Lucas is guilted into action when Rhys berates him for abandoning the mother of his child. Although Vanessa gives Rhys a serve for fighting her battles, she doesn't fail to leave him intrigued when she proves just as quick to forgive him. Meanwhile, Lucas continues to tentatively reach out to Vanessa, prompting a thaw between the reluctant parents. Making the most of having the house all to himself, Callum invites the girls over, unwittingly sparking Sophie’s jealousy calling Rani first. Determined to remain the most important friend in the triangle, Sophie successfully drives a wedge between them, trying to win Callum's attention while at the same time warning Rani against encouraging his crush. How will they react when they realise they've been played? Keen to embrace the positive side of not being pregnant, Sonya surprises Toadie with a night on the town. While enjoying living it up, they propose a family holiday to Europe, committing to life without a baby.


Thursday 31st May

Callum and Rani decide to turn the tables on Sophie by pretending they really are falling for each other, succeeding in making her feel uncomfortable. However, when she heads home and unwittingly lets Paul know what’s going on, Paul calls Ajay in the hope of stirring the pot.

When Ajay arrives at Toadie’s house to find Callum and Rani alone together, his fury forces Toadie and Sonya to come home early. Although after a clash over parenting styles Toadie assures Callum he’s done nothing wrong, he remains convinced that romance is blossoming between his son and Rani, adding to Sophie's disappointment as she worries she now has no one. Kyle is surprised but thrilled when his gran, Sheila, arrives on

his doorstep for a visit. After mistaking Kate for his girlfriend, she appears to approve of the match - an opinion she refuses to change even after meeting the real Jade. Still desperate for a way to earn back the money he took from Kyle, Lou tries his luck at the new community centre. His hope of becoming a teacher doesn’t pan out, but when he proves popular with the ladies at a seniors’ dance class, a new plan begins to take shape.


Friday 1st June

Discussing their living arrangements, together Chris and Tash realise that, with one more housemate, they could afford to pay rent on No 32. Although Aidan feels it would be too soon for him to be the one to move in, Chris is reminded that he'll also need to run the idea past his dad - who agrees only on the condition that he can check out the house. George's visit appears to go well; however, when he runs into Aidan and questions his relationship to his son, Chris can't help feeling guilty when he instinctively lies in response. Unable to change Sheila’s opinion of his girlfriend, Kyle encourages Jade to say the right things around her. Jade gives it a shot but quickly calls the situation for what it is and informs Sheila that, no matter what she may think of her, she loves Kyle and isn’t going anywhere. With Kyle’s pushing, Sheila spends some more time around Jade and the two manage to find some common ground. But it’s soon obvious to Jade that Sheila holds Kate higher in her estimations. Determined to find a rich widow to solve his money woes, Lou meets Vera and works hard to woo her. After scoring an invitation to accompany her to a wedding, Lou quickly manages to turn the situation into a money-spinner.

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