What's 'appening in Albert Square next week? Lucy celebrates victory over Mandy, that's what!

EastendersThere's rarely a quiet moment in Albert Square and this week is no different after mischievous teen Lucy Beale decides to celebrate successfully ousting Mandy from Walford. Meanwhile, Derek gets an unlikely accomplice in his bid to show that he wants to be a part of Alice's life, Cora!

Monday 28th May

Lucy decides to throw a party to celebrate the fact that Mandy is out of her life, but it falls flat when she makes a shocking discovery about Ian's whereabouts. Jean wants Michael to invest more of her money, but he begins to feel guilty when Jean gives him a thoughtful gift. With Derek missing Alice, Cora comes up with a traditional way for him to get his true feelings across.


Tuesday 29th May

With Lucy worried for her dad, Phil steps in and helps her pay off some of the debt Ian owed. Knowing what Phil is capable of, Ben and Jay worry that he may have had something to with Ian's disappearance. Tanya is infuriated when Cora ropes Lauren into her plan to build bridges between Alice and Derek.


Thursday 31st May

Kim arranges for a reporter to pen an article promoting the B&B's grand opening, but her plan backfires when the reporter shows more interest in talking to Andrew about Heather. When Lucy discovers a promising lead on Ian's whereabouts, she heads off in search of him with Phil and Ben in tow - but they are all stunned by what they discover. Derek tries his best to impress Alice, but it does not take long for her to realise her father is still as dodgy as ever.


Friday 1st May

Jean panics when Roxy begins to question the missing money from the Vic accounts, and asks Michael for her investment back. Denise is left unimpressed by Kim's efforts at the B&B's opening, while Derek decides to go straight and work at the car lot, stirring up some brotherly rivalry with Jack in the process.

 And that's your lot everyone, thanks to BBC for the episode synopsis!