Home And Away Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 21st to Friday 25th May 2012 - Will Liam and Bianca leave the Bay?

This week in Home And Away, Bianca is put out when Heath chooses to hire Hayley whilst Liam contemplates his future in Summer Bay. Meanwhile, Gina invites Harvey and Roo to lunch hoping to strengthen their friendship but will the tension between John and Harvey worsen?

Monday 21st May

While Liam still wants to leave the Bay, Bianca remains unsettled by Heath's decision to hire Hayley. The situation grows more heated still when the four of them get caught up in a confrontation in the diner, during which Liam makes matters worse by laying the blame on his wife. Brax, meanwhile, decides to pull Hayley aside, wanting answers. Much to John’s bemusement, Gina invites Roo and Harvey to lunch in a bid to cement their friendship. John having earlier lost his temper with a student, the tension continues when Harvey later brings up the issue. Although after finding out about the incident Gina reassures him it won't affect his council position, John soon finds out his school run has been cancelled - and can't help suspecting that Harvey's to blame. After confessing to Roo that she drunkenly tried to kiss Brax, Leah takes her friend's advice and tries to apologise to him - but will he be willing to accept?

Tuesday 22nd May

Under pressure from Brax to come clean about why she set him up, Hayley reasons that it was her drug problem that pushed her to take the side of Jake Pirovic and help free him from jail - a move that ultimately led to Charlie's death. As the argument between the pair turns physical, will Brax avoid doing something he might live to regret? Liam, meanwhile, has little success in trying to dissuade Heath from calling for a paternity test on Bianca's unborn baby. As Liam and Bianca build bridges, promising they won't let him get to them, will April be able to make Heath see sense? Also this episode, Casey's left fuming when he learns who's to blame for Henri's decision to leave town; and, with Roo’s help, Leah resolves to dispel the tension with Brax, which turns out to be an awkward attempt in itself.

Wednesday 23rd May

As Indi worries she doesn't have anything to wear to Logan's business soiree, she's surprsied when one arrives as a gift from him. In light of it seeming as though Romeo wants to give it another try, she isn't sure it feels right, but when he sees the present and insinuates she's gold-digging, Indi can't resist the opportunity to play on his jealousy over her date. Off the back of this, Romeo tells Ruby he has feelings for her and things heat up between them. With Sasha seeming to be going along with his every idea, at first Xavier thinks he’s found the ultimate low-maintenance girlfriend. However, when he realises her issues run deep, he grows determined to prove that he's nothing like Stu, letting her know that what she wants truly matters to him. In an effort to reconnect with him, Ruby offers to drive Casey to see Henri - but when he's met with a frosty reception, it's also down to her to pick up the pieces.

 Thursday 24th May

As word spreads about Romeo and Ruby, Indi struggles to hide her disappointment but uses the fact as an excuse to continue her relationship with Logan - little aware that she's not the only one battling feelings of jealousy. Meanwhile, grounded for staying out past her curfew, Sasha worries Xavier when she's inspired by Indi to sneak out anyway - reminding Sid that he's got a feisty teenager on his hands. With John still convinced of Harvey's alleged treachery, Roo fails miserably in her attempts to convince him he's mistaken. Will he succeed in getting from Romeo compromising information on Harvey?

Friday 25th May

When John releases information to journalists accusing him of rigging the council elections, Harvey reveals his culpability to Roo, who’s angry he’s only telling her now he’s backed into a corner. Harvey resigns from the council but bears the brunt of an angry public – in the form of a punch in the face from a stranger. With the hospital busy in the wake of a life-threatening car accident, Sid’s surprised to see that Mel can’t face getting involved. Mel later treats Harvey for his bloody nose and admits she’s still struggling to deal with their son’s death. Later, Sid accidentally spills the beans about their loss to Roo, who levels with Harvey: she wants him to feel he can confide in her; she’s not going anywhere. Meanwhile, her jealousy having driven her to join Dex and Lottie on their fossil-hunting trip, April soon finds herself playing third wheel. Deciding to fake a sprained ankle, she sets out to gain Dex's attention - culminating in her admission that she still loves him.

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