Neighbours Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 21st to Friday 25th May 2012 - Lucas tries to get rid of Vanessa!

NeighboursThis week on Neighbours, Lucas tries to sabotage Vanessa's opportunity of a job but by doing it ends up causing much greater damage than he initially planned to. Meanwhile, Susan struggles as her MS returns, will she be able to cope with the return of the illness? Elsewhere, Kate tries to help Kyle sort out his debts but does she have other intentions at heart or is she purely in it for good intentions?

Monday 21st May

In denial over the possibility of his being the father of her unborn child, Lucas is thrown when Vanessa turns up in Erinsborough, convinced she’s back because of him. When he learns she's in fact in line to become the new chef at Lassiters, however, he can't help feeling rattled, letting slip to Paul the fact that she's pregnant and convincing him to change his mind about hiring her. Lucas is torn about what he’s done, but when he learns his actions have placed Vanessa in financial turmoil, he realises he’s gone too far. Will he respond to Chris's challenge to make things right? When Sonya takes over the care of injured baby wombat Clancy, Toadie supports Astrid's suggestion that she considers making the arrangement more permanent. Inspired to adopt a rescue dog, the couple find themselves torn when, together with Kyle, they go to the rescue shelter and realise how many unwanted animals are in need of a home. Having agreed to mull things over, Sonya reviews the footage Toadie shot and finally reaches a decision - only to discover that Kyle’s already chosen the dog for Jade.

Tuesday 22nd May

Feeling guilty about sabotaging Vanessa’s job opportunity, Lucas has little success in finding a way to help her. When he witnesses the extent of her financial woes, however, he resolves to do the only thing he can and attempts to reach out by offering her money. Fiercely independent, Vanessa is offended by the gesture and, tired of being pushed away, Lucas washes his hands of her. Despite the resulting public confrontation when she realises he was to blame for Paul's hiring decision, Lucas stands firm, insisting both he and Vanessa are better off without each other – only to discover Kate has invited her to move in with them until she can sort herself out. As Kyle tries to hide the dog from Jade, she becomes suspicious of his sneaky behaviour. Although she rightly assumes he’s planning a surprise for her birthday, when she hears him ordering something engraved, she mistakenly assumes he's going to propose. Fearing he’s about to get down on one knee in front of all her friends, Jade at first tries to shut down Kyle’s gift; when she finds out the truth, she's relieved to see Kyle, too, is unprepared for marriage, but will either of them prove to be any more clued-up when it comes to looking after their new four-legged friend?

Wednesday 23rd May

When Andrew gives Kyle some accounting software as a thank-you gift, the boys waste no time putting it to good use. Having input all the figures from Lou's books, however, they discover that Kyle is actually $8,000 in debt. Convinced Andrew has simply made a mistake, Kyle tries to take this in his stride – but, wanting to help, Kate steps in and approaches Lou. His paranoid reaction soon ignites her suspicion, and when she discovers the truth – that he stole from Kyle to pay for his cruise – she demands he come clean. Meanwhile, Lucas is furious when Vanessa moves into the Ramsay House, and his efforts to get Lou onside prove wasted when his friend simply tells him to man up. Lucas isn’t impressed but finally calls a truce with Vanessa, telling her she can stay - but only for a while. Elsewhere, Andrew isn’t happy to discover that Summer appears to be doing more than fine in the wake of their break-up, and his confidence takes a further knock when Rhys dismisses his boast about his recent 'achievements'. Could Rhys's advice prove the key to turning his luck around?

Thursday 24th May

Surprised and disappointed to discover that her staff lack initiative, Susan empowers them to be more proactive, unaware that Paul has planted a mole in her team to keep watch for him. Afraid that Susan will lose the advertisers he worked so hard to secure, Paul challenges his spy to gain access to her email. Fiona uses Summer to do this, but when Paul later confronts Susan, she realises he knows too much and her suspicions lead her to a stunning conclusion. Torn over whether or not to expose his deception, Kate makes clear to Lou her disappointment in him. While she dreads the pain of telling Kyle the truth, she struggles equally with watching a guilt-ridden Lou trying to find a job in a bid to recoup the money he took. Where do her loyalties lie? Summer bumps into Andrew looking sharp and fears he’s already started moving on. Feeling fragile, she throws herself back into work, feeling encouraged when Susan gives her great responsibility - only for a momentary distraction to end in disaster.

Friday 25th May

Paul puts pressure on Susan by reminding her that now she’s editor of the Erinsborough News, her head will be the first to roll if there are any complaints. In response Susan pushes through her fatigue, insisting on overseeing every last detail. Worried, Karl reminds her of her need to look after her health. But just as Susan manages to go home and get some rest, a crisis at the paper calls her back to work. As she faces an MS relapse, what will give first: Susan’s job or her health? Distressed by receiving an official warning, Summer is frustrated that Susan doesn’t trust her with responsibility at work and, needing to talk, instinctively turns to Andrew. However, when he returns a box of her things, Summer’s reminded they’re no longer as close as they once were and is forced to face up to the reality of being on her own. Karl needs a drummer for his band and finds the perfect candidate in Ajay, but is The Right Prescription big enough for two raging egos?