Neighbours Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 14th to Friday 18th May 2012 - Lucas gets a surprise visitor!llUCAS

NeighboursThis week in Ramsay Street, Lucas embraces the single life but his happiness comes crashing down when Vanessa makes a comeback, what does she want?

Monday 14th May

Lucas continues to embrace his commitment-free life, and with an amused Rhys and Kate looking on he picks up an attractive girl at Charlie’s. But waiting at home for him is someone with news that will leave him rocked to the core… Priya refuses to entertain the idea of allowing Sophie back to school, rejecting her letter of apology and shutting down pleas from Callum and Rani. Kate, however, thinks she knows what’s behind Priya’s stance and appeals to her to reconsider, but will she succeed? Rhys digs at Karl, passing on the news of Susan’s promotion and playing on his insecurities. Then Karl gets a delivery – his bandmate’s old drumkit – and his bachelorhood suddenly has a whole new lease of life.

Tuesday 15th May

Struggling to process Vanessa’s revelation, Lucas hits the road to escape the reality of becoming a father. However, when Lou encourages him to be wary of Vanessa’s intentions, scared Lucas sees his way out and pushes Vanessa away by questioning whether the child is his, intimating she’s only after his money. Insulted, Vanessa leaves and makes it clear she wants nothing from him. When Sonya challenges him to man up, Lucas reconsiders. But, finally, unprepared to become a father, he decides against it – for now. Stunned to learn of Vanessa’s shock pregnancy, Sonya can’t help noting the futility of her and Toadie’s attempts to conceive. However, when Jade encourages Sonya to look past her own issues and be there for Lucas, she tries to do this – only for Lucas to take his frustrations out on her. Sick of the emotional strain, defeated Sonya puts an end to her and Toadie’s baby dream. Realising her new lifestyle is leaving her bank balance worse for wear, Kate resolves to work more but, bored at Harold’s, applies for a job at Charlie’s – only to discover Tash is going for it too. Confident she’ll wipe the floor with her inexperienced rival, Kate’s torn when abandoned Tash urges her to bow out. However, when Kate realises Tash gives as good as she gets, she vows to stay in the race as they both earn a two-week trial.

Wednesday 16th May

Unable to give up trying for a baby of their own, Toadie attempts to convince Sonya to reconsider, urging her not to let Lucas’s situation influence theirs. However, Sonya stands firm, certain their problems might jeopardise their current happiness. Having sought advice from Karl, Toadie eventually decides that IVF might be their only option; although touched by the sacrifices he's willing to make to see it happen, however, Sonya struggles to accept. Are they ready to give up on their dream?  Battling through her trial at Charlie’s, Tash is lifted when her spiky personality proves a hit with customers, earning her more tips than Kate. Fresh from her win at work, Tash enjoys her newfound independence until she arrives home to a lonely house. Needing to secure some company, she invites Chris to move in permanently and proposes a housemate dinner to celebrate their independence. However, Tash’s happiness is thwarted when Chris finds a letter from the real estate agent informing them the house is going up for sale. Tash thinks it must be a mistake but, after calling Michael, she learns it’s not: they’re being kicked out. Chris and Aidan enjoy their relationship behind closed doors, free to live as they choose under Tash’s roof. But, with Michael planning to sell, will Chris be forced to face his fears of sharing their relationship with the world?

Thursday 17th May

Discovering her house is already on the market, Tash realises she’ll need a job to be able to afford to rent an apartment with Chris. However, when she learns she’s in danger of losing out to Kate following their trial at Charlie's, she plays dirty, successfully putting her rival in Celeste’s firing line. Despite her win, Tash comes to the realisation that she’s not ready to leave the home she shared with her family and, refusing to take her eviction lying down, vows to make her house unsellable. Glad to be back at Erinsborough High with her friends, Sophie suspects she’ll be the centre of their friendship group again but is unsettled to learn just how much Callum and Rani have bonded without her. Kate reassures her that she’ll always be important to them both, but when that doesn’t appear to be the case, Sophie decides to drive a wedge between the new pair, playing her friends to regain her former status. Disappointed at the lack of interest in his advertisement for bandmates, Karl is ready to give up until Chris gives him the idea to advertise online. Despite receiving lots of responses, however, Karl’s dismayed by the lack of quality talent – until like-minded Adrian arrives, eager to join The Right Prescription’s new incarnation.

Friday 18th May

Still hurting from their decision to stop trying for a baby, Sonya devotes her energies to caring for an injured infant wombat as a distraction, while Toadie leases a sports car to the same end. Knowing Callum has to be told, Toadie takes the pressure off Sonya by telling him they’ve given up on their plans to expand their family. However, when Toadie realises Sonya’s really hurting, he acknowledges that they’re both just directing their pain elsewhere. Wanting to be there for each other, they commit to getting through this together but both remain unsure of exactly how. Desperate to make her house unsellable, Tash ropes Chris and Aidan into helping her deter prospective buyers. However, their plans are thwarted by experienced real estate agent Gary, forcing Tash to pull one last desperate attempt in her fight against eviction. While Tash is successful, she soon realises this can’t last and that she may be fighting the inevitable. Suspicious about his parents’ odd behaviour, Callum realises there’s something going on but struggles to know how to support them. Urged by Sophie to give them space to work out their issues, Callum leaves the adults to their problems and instead re-invests in his relationship with his best friend.

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