Home And Away Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 14th to Friday 18th May 2012 - Bianca and Liam try to run away!

This week in Home And Away, Bianca and Liam attempt to run away from Summer Bay but will Heath be able to stop them? With thanks to C5!

Monday 14th May

Lottie and Dex seem to hit it off instantly, which makes April question the nature of their relationship. When April accidently overhears that Bianca intends to leave Summer Bay without telling her, she becomes upset, and Dex runs to her rescue. But when it seems to Dex that April is only interested in him when she feels threatened by another girl, he is furious and storms off. Unable to reconcile their tempestuous relationship with Heath, Bianca and Liam attempt to steal away from Summer Bay to start a new life. Leah and Irene share their concerns that leaving the Bay won’t fix anything, but neither Liam nor Bianca can see any other way. In the meantime, Heath is still trying to convince Bianca to be with him and, when he learns that she intends to leave town, approaches her to try talking her out of it. The baby kicks for the first time, and Bianca and Heath share a moment, which is caught by Liam. Furious, he storms off, Bianca in tow - and, when she asks him if he is happy about the baby and he can’t respond, their future together is once again in question.

Tuesday 15th May

With Casey fighting his heartbreak, Henri responds to pleas from April and Brax by visiting him to give some closure to their relationship. However, as they share a final kiss, VJ arrives and sees them, and is left confused about what he has just witnessed. When he learns that Liam has quit Angelo’s with the intention of moving away, Brax grows concerned about what this means for Heath and urges him to reconsider. But after walking in on Heath’s mature attempt at trying to agree with Bianca a solution acceptable to everyone, Liam can't get past his anger. With Liam refusing to compromise, Heath is left with no choice but to attain a court order preventing him and Bianca from leaving with his unborn baby. Elsewhere, in her attempt to get over Brax, Leah joins an online dating site. Though she is hesitant to take it to the next level, the girls encourage her to seek out a real date.

Wednesday 16th May

With Indi and Romeo struggling to come to terms with their break-up, they both turn elsewhere for distraction. As Indi enjoys a hot date with Logan, a drunken Romeo returns to the Summer Bay House to find Ruby - and when he moves in for a kiss, she is all too willing to reciprocate. After witnessing a kiss between Casey and Henri, VJ tells Brax, who becomes concerned about the relationship and the impact it will have on his brother. When Henri is offered a permanent teaching position at Summer Bay High, she and Casey come up with a story that they hope will free them from any controversy, but can they count on VJ to keep their secret from Gina?

Thursday 17th May

When Sid catches Sasha and Xavier together, he becomes concerned with where things are heading. After trying to enlist Indi’s help, only to learn that her fling with Logan puts her in no place to be issuing advice, he joins forces with John in a bid to cool down the teens' relationship. Indi and Romeo get together to discuss the future of their relationship, but are once again torn apart when they learn the depths of each other's betrayal. In the meantime, Ruby’s hopes are quashed when Romeo assures her that he doesn’t want to be anything more than friends, and Logan unrelentingly pursues Indi. Still bitter over the closing of the resort project, John approaches Harvey and Roo with questions about the newly proposed eco park. Suspicious of Harvey’s involvement, he warns him that he is going to the council. Roo is confident, but when Xavier and Sasha catch Harvey in the middle of a heated discussion with the Mayor of Summer Bay, the question remains: just what does he have planned?

Friday 18th May

After Xavier reveals to him that he saw Harvey involved in a heated conversation with the Mayor, John is convinced there is something amiss. In the meantime, Roo and Gina have had enough; in an attempt to smooth things over between the two men, they plan a dinner together. As John and Harvey pretend to be civil with each other, the women believe their plan as worked - but as soon as they're out of earshot, what happens next paints an entirely different picture. Meanwhile, as things heat up between Dex and Lottie, Leah too decides to kick her love life back into action. Determined to prove she isn't interested in Brax, she decides to go out with someone from am online dating site. But when her chosen suitor proves to be a bore, she makes a fool of herself by getting drunk, compounding the problem by trying to seduce the man she was desperate to forget.

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