Strewth! Colleen Smart set to leave 'Home And Away' after over a decade on the show!

There's bad news from abroad for fans of Home And Away as Summer Bay legend Colleen Smart (Lyn Collingwood) is set to hang up her apron later this year!

The local town busybody who has been a regular on the Australian soap since 1999 having previously starred in the show for 2 years from 1988 will be leaving the show later this year.

Confirming the news, her fellow cast member Luke Mitchell who plays Romeo Smith told TV Week: ''She's been around nearly as long as Ray [Meagher, who plays Alf]. I really enjoyed working with her and she's one of my favourite characters to watch on screen."

And in a further blow to Colleen fans, the flaming gallah (sorry we couldn't resist) will be exiting the show on Australian screens in the near future with Collingwood having already filmed her final scenes a few months ago. (Insert sad face)

Meanwhile, on the subject of the rumoured departure of his off-screen girlfriend Rebecca Breeds, who plays Ruby Buckton, Mitchell said: ''I can't confirm or deny [if she's left]. She has been on the show for a while but there are a few of us that have been. That's not to say she's left..."

So how should Colleen leave? Will her [son] Lancey return to take her to a sunny island? Should she be abducted by aliens? Or will her and Madge Wilkins go off for a cruise?

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