Hollyoaks Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 7th to Friday 11th May 2012 - Mitzeee continues to fear her stalker!-

This week in Chestrer, a terrified Mitzeee is afraid to go out with her stalker still on the loose. Meanwhile, Ste and Doug open their deli. With thanks to Lime Pictures!

Monday 7th May

Still terrified of her stalker, Mitzeee is unsure whether she can handle a public appearance but Mercedes gives her just the push she needs to get back out there…  It’s the opening day of Ste and Doug’s deli and to celebrate Doug heads to the pub, however a few drinks leads to something more with Texas as his determination to play it straight continues… Elsewhere, Jacqui is determined that Phoebe has an education but a meeting with a prospective school doesn’t quite go according to plan.  Meanwhile, Ruby is overjoyed not to be grounded anymore - until she discovers not all her friends are pleased to have her back.

Tuesday 8th May

Doug and Texas agree that their night together was a drunken mistake, but when they go for a drink to talk, things go from bad to worse for Doug.  Could this have something to do with Ste?  A furious Riley confronts Mitzeee about her lies so when she gets an offer of work abroad it seems like the perfect solution for them both.  When Lynsey calls time on their fledgling romance Riley realises that she might be the one for him - can he convince her to take things to the next level?  A contrite Jacqui is forced to undo the damage she did yesterday to get Phoebe into school.  Elsewhere, Esther is determined to get Ruby and Jono talking again.

 Wednesday 9th May

It’s the college Open Day and Queen Bee Maddie is in her element showing the newbies around, but she’s disturbed to find Ruby a potential threat to her status.  Elsewhere at college a shocked Esther discovers Jen and Tilly’s secret, and that kind of gossip is hard to keep quiet... And Lacey finds herself attracted to a student but is disappointed when their time together is cut short – when will she see him again?  Meanwhile Doug and Ste’s professional relationship is put under strain when their personal lives get in the way and Doug finally cracks and confesses his love!

Thursday 10th May

After his declaration Doug is desperate to clear the air but Ste is distracted by the arrival of his new man Adam.  But whilst Ste makes his choice, Doug has a change of heart... Elsewhere Maddie cements her social status by hosting a gig at the coffee shop, however when a guilty Esther realises how much pain she’s caused Tilly, she decides to do something drastic to stop the rumours.  Meanwhile George tries to coax Phoebe into making new friends and Cindy’s birthday meal for Tony proves to be even more of a surprise than she expected.

Friday 11th May

Doug confronts Ste when he learns that he broke things off with Adam and their argument turns to passion, but can Doug handle it?  Brendan decides Joel has finally paid off his debt and offers to take him out for the day – but when Brendan later returns to the club an unwelcome visitor is waiting for him… Ruby is wary of spending time with outcast Esther in public and when Maddie invites her out she has to decide who to support – the Queen Bee or her best friend.  Elsewhere Tilly hopes for reconciliation with Jen, and Cheryl and Cindy go to war over a handsome new arrival in the village.