Neighbours Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 7th to Friday 11th May 2012 - Andrew and Summer getting back together?

NeighboursThis week on Neighbours, Andrew pleads for a second chance from Summer and Paul plays a dangerous game to prove a point when Nattasha throws a party!

Monday 7th May

After being caught kissing Belinda, Andrew pleads for Summer to focus on the positives of their relationship and reunite. Summer tries to put what happened behind her but can’t; as much as it pains her to say so, she insists they’re over. Determined to prove Ajay’s decision to merge Erinsborough’s police station was a mistake, Paul urges a bunch of rough patrons from Charlie’s on to Tash’s party, hoping it will get out of hand. Playing the part of concerned neighbour, Paul rouses the other residents of Ramsay Street to take action, volunteering to be the one who involves the police. However, Paul only pretends to call them, delighted when the party spirals out of control. But when he realises Sophie attended the party, Paul worries his plan to bring Ajay down may come at a cost.

Tuesday 8th May

Privately knowing he’s at fault, Paul channels his guilt into anger and openly blames Ajay for the delayed police response time at Tash’s party. Determined to get to the bottom of why no help arrived on the scene, Ajay's findings lead him to suspect there never was a first call. As Paul covers his tracks, Ajay’s investigation meets a dead end. But Susan has been asked write about the public response to the debacle, prompting the discovery that Conrad Jackson is in fact Paul Robinson. As he and Aidan work together to clean up the mess from the party, Chris worries about how Tash is coping. When Aidan becomes sick of him always making excuses for her, Chris is forced to make a choice: will he side with his friend or his boyfriend? Meanwhile, Sophie’s delighted to have survived going to Tash’s party without suffering any real punishment. However, when she discovers her amp was trashed at the event, she's thrown back to the vandalism for which she was responsible at Erinsborough High. Deciding to do the right thing, Sophie asks Paul to arrange a meeting with Priya for her: she wants to apologise.

Wednesday 9th May

Refusing to back down, Paul defends his actions when Susan threatens to reveal how far he went to bring down Ajay. However, privately fearing their consequences, he offers to right his wrongs by paying for neighbourhood damages. While Susan appreciates his efforts, she challenges him to fix the biggest mess he’s made and restore Ajay’s reputation; when Paul doesn’t follow through with his promise, she announces that she has no choice but to reveal what he did. Paul’s shaken, but when he sees Summer has invested in her job, he spots an opportunity for leverage and blackmails Susan: if she goes public with the truth, he’ll fire Summer. Can Susan take away Summer’s dream for the sake of greater justice? Summer struggles to get her mind off Andrew but, when she realises she’s letting her personal woes affect her professionalism, she pushes herself to focus on work. While investigating the cause behind Tash’s party mishap, Summer spots an opportunity and crafts an exposé questioning the identity of Conrad Jackson. Proud of her findings, she shares them with Paul, assuming he’ll be happy she’s contributing to the story in which he’s been so invested. Summer’s buoyed by her success, but is she about to lose the only thing keeping her sane? At a loss without Summer in his life, Andrew throws himself into buying a car to replace his stolen one. Enlisting Chris’s help, however, Andrew’s thwarted when he realises he’s interrupted a date and has become the third wheel.

Thursday 10th May

Seeing how much Summer’s job means to her, Susan holds onto Paul’s secret. However, when she realises Summer’s continuing her investigation into the party, Susan’s forced to keep her off the scent for her own sake. Against better judgment, curious Summer pushes on and uncovers what Paul’s done – forcing Susan to justify her secrecy. Despite now knowing her job is at stake, Summer urges Susan to come out with the truth regardless, allowing her to keep Ajay from resigning. Susan’s done the right thing, but will Paul face the consequences? Trying to keep busy to avoid thinking about Summer, Andrew offers Kyle his services for the day. Knowing the real reason for his offer, Kyle finds a more active way to lift Andrew’s spirits. However, Andrew’s soon brought back to earth when he returns home to find the licence plates Summer gave him for his 18th birthday - a reminder of everything he’s lost.

Friday 11th May

With his role in Tash’s party exposed, Paul vents his frustration by firing Summer. Despite the community outrage, Paul tries to stay strong but is rocked when both Andrew and Sophie turn on him as well. Finding he’s not only lost public and personal support but also prompted advertisers to drop out, Paul resigns as editor to save the Erinsborough News from going under. He appoints Susan as the paper’s new editor, but, when she’s quick to assert her authority, realises this might be a greater loss than he had anticipated. Regretting having vandalised the school, Sophie writes an apology letter, but Callum insists she’ll need to make a bigger gesture if she wants her expulsion overturned. Sophie organises Red Cotton to play at the Working Bee, drawing more volunteers down to pitch in. However, when she takes the stage for an impromptu performance with the band, Priya reads Sophie’s gesture as attention seeking and refuses to believe her apology is genuine. The reality of being on her own hits Tash when she receives a fine for loud music at her party. Failing to get Paul to pay for it, she scrapes cash together by selling some of her old clothes. However, when she draws up a household budget, she discovers she’s not going to be able to make ends meet – and stubbornly refuses to call her father for help.

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