'Emmerdale' to air live episode on ITV1 in October!

ITV1 soap Emmerdale will air a live episode later this year to celebrate the show's 40th anniversary. The Yorkshire based serial drama will air a live episode in October of this year to mark the show's milestone birthday.

Confirming the news to Digital Spy, Gaynor Faye and Jason Merrells who play Megan and Declan Macey respectively said: ''We've got the 40th anniversary of the show [coming up], it's got a live ep so everybody's positive about that. It should be pretty good, the stories are getting stronger and everything's hotting up."

Faye predicted that the storyline featured during the live episode would involve 'fireworks' further elaborating by saying: ''None of us actually know whether we're involved or not… I think they're going to try and involve everybody because it's such a celebration and such an achievement to get to the 40th year. So fingers crossed everybody will be involved."

Meanwhile, a press release by ITV1's Press Office said: ''In celebration of its 40th birthday, Emmerdale will be going live for the first time for an episode in October. Series producer Stuart Blackburn has already confirmed that the anniversary will be a week long celebration of 'must see TV featuring two weddings, one of which will be the most unexpected we have ever seen, plus the birth of two babies'''

The soap follows previous live episodes for fellow soaps Eastenders and Coronation Street.

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