Hollyoaks Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 30th April to Friday 4th May 2012 - Mitzeee's stalker hell!

This week in Hollyoaks, Mitzeee is terrified as her stalker drama rolls on, who is behind the terrifying hate campaign? Furthermore, Bart dabbles in drugs. With thanks to Lime Pictures!

Monday 30th April

Bart eagerly awaits a delivery from Joel but isn’t prepared for the magnitude of what he’s agreed to take on.  Scott’s return puts pressure on Annalise to tell Rob about their blossoming romance but is she ready to take this step?  Elsewhere, a package from the stalker leaves Mitzeee more paranoid than ever whilst Nancy confides in Darren about her fears following the miscarriage.

Tuesday 1st May

Bart struggles to conceal the cannabis farm, entrusted to him by Joel, but when Sinead discovers it can Bart persuade her to keep his secret?  Annalise worries that Scott won’t want to be with her when he discovers her faults and, persuaded by Cheryl, lays her heart on the line.  Elsewhere, Mitzeee eagerly prepares for her television debut but the stalker is never far from her mind.

Wednesday 2nd May

Mitzeee’s TV debut comes to an abrupt end when harassment from the stalker causes her to lose it live on air.  Annalise and Scott resolve yesterday’s misunderstanding but when a public display of affection is witnessed by one of Rob’s team mates is it only a matter of time before Rob discovers their duplicity?  Bart panics when Myra senses something’s going on and needs a quick money making scheme to keep his secret from her.

Thursday 3rd May

Mitzeee’s trauma continues as the harassment escalates and she’s comforted by a concerned Nancy – but is the stalker closer to home than she thinks?  Wardy warns Scott to stay away from Annalise leaving the star-crossed lovers racing against time to tell Rob the truth – but will they get to him before Wardy does?  Bart’s money making scheme goes awry when Jono meddles – leaving Bart no closer to solving his financial worries.

Friday 4th May

The stalker’s escalating antics force Mitzeee to confess all to Riley and Mercedes is thwarted when Riley promises to stand by Mitzeee.  Scott and Annalise are shocked by Rob’s seeming understanding – but is he coping as well as he’s making out.  Elsewhere, the book club takes an unexpected turn when the girls eat Bart’s brownies and Doug finds himself jealous of Ste’s date.