Home And Away Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 30th April to Friday 4th May 2012 - Sasha goes on trial!

This week on Home And Away, Sasha undergoes trial for the murder of abusive ex Stu and Leah finds herself falling for Brax? With thanks to C5!

Monday 30th April

Relieved to have been given the all-clear by Sid, Brax hits the surf with VJ. As Leah continues to observe their friendship with fondness, Elijah is left feeling squeezed out and calls her on her feelings for Brax, with whom he later chooses to share the truth. Seeing John and Gina in a state of bliss after putting aside their differences, Roo realises she wants to get her relationship with Harvey back to happier times. They return to the place of their first date in a bid to make a fresh start - but are Harvey's misfortunes about to put a dampener on the evening? Meanwhile, as he and Gina renegotiate the terms for living together again, John pledges to his wife that she has nothing but his completely honesty.

Tuesday 1st May

When VJ is caught drinking with a group of River Boys, Leah’s outraged at not only her son but also Brax’s apparent abandonment of him. All the time unaware that Elijah is ready to leave the Bay without telling her, Leah is devastated when Brax comes clean about his own reasons for distancing himself from her and VJ. A tense Liam explodes at Angelo’s, punching Heath for a crack about his unborn child. As Brax warns them he needs all hands on deck, Heath sheds light on the conflict by revealing to his brother the truth about Bianca's baby. In response, Brax advises Heath to pull his head in and shares his parental history with Darcy, trying to demonstrate to Liam his situation can work out. During his lunch date with Irene, Eddie offers Liam his condolences for his situation and appears eager for him to listen to their studio recording. However, when Liam does so, it becomes clear to him that his lyrics have been plagiarised - and, as they continue to fight about everything except the baby, demands Bianca's help in solving the problem.

Wednesday 2nd April

Leah’s on the hunt for the person guilty of telling Brax about her feelings, in the process discovering Elijah’s plans to depart. When Elijah admits himself to blame, Leah declares she never wants to see him again, all the while hopeful that she'll be able to convince Brax that there's been a misunderstanding. Although relations seem to have improved by the time of Elijah's farewell, however, it becomes clear that Brax is still cautious around Leah. Meanwhile, Henri’s tutoring of Casey stalls as it becomes clear that he has only one thing on his mind. When April finds evidence of Henri having been at the Braxton house, she initially assumes that she and Heath are back together again - but soon learns otherwise when, unseen, she witnesses her former rival in a clinch with Casey. Elsewhere, despite Eddie's attempts at building bridges following the allegation about the stolen lyrics, Liam threatens legal action. Bianca wants to talk to her husband about Heath, only for the couple to wind up in a heated confrontation that culminates in Liam smashing Eddie’s guitar.

Tuesday 3rd April

Sasha is withdrawn as she goes on trial for Stu's murder, with Sergeant Watson stating to the court her belief that the teen's death was premeditated and Sid, too, coming under fire from the prosecution. When Christy claims to have been involved in a romantic relationship with Stu, Sasha can't help fall for the trap, prompting Morag to advise Sid that she doesn't think she should take the stand the next day. After being confronted by April, Casey fails to see through his plans to break up with Henri. As the pair struggle to distance themselves from one another, will Casey agree to Henri's taking leave in order for them to live out their relationship in the open? Meanwhile, in order to support Sasha and the Walkers, Romeo tells Ruby and Steve he’s not going to the surfing championship. When Ruby voices her concerns to Indi, Romeo is left feeling irritated by her interference, and in turn he gives his opinion that Steve is no good for her.

Friday 4th April

Xavier can’t understand why the police changed their story at Sasha's trial and, after doing some digging, uncovers new evidence that brings to light the fact that Sergeant Watson was told to trump up the charges to murder. Will the court find in Sasha's favour? Roo is looking forward to taking Harvey home in the wake of his food poisoning drama. Meanwhile, when Marilyn realises her new hairdressing client Melissa turns out to be Harvey’s ex-wife, she feels obliged to disclose the shared connection. Ruby sneaks Steve into her bedroom for the night, only to be sprung by Marilyn the following morning. Later, Ruby’s surprised when she catches Steve about to smoke a joint, but he ditches it to placate her. When Romeo chooses at the last minute to join them at the surf trial, Ruby’s delighted – but, unbeknownst to her, Steve has stashed a large bag of marijuana in her bag ahead of their flight.

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