Neighbours Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 30th March to Friday 4th April 2012 - Summer and Andrew end it!

NeighboursThis week in Ramsay Street, Paul and Ajay's feud reaches new heights when Susan takes sides. Elsewhere, Andrew and Summer realize that their relationship is over. With thanks to C5!

Monday 30th April

Seeing Andrew enjoying his success, Summer decides not to push him into resolving their issues, giving him space instead. She’s somewhat buoyed when she receives her first pay cheque as a journalist; however, her excitement is undermined when she sees Andrew dejected because he has to continue working at Lassiters to pay back Paul. Hoping to prove to Andrew that she’s there for him, Summer sacrifices her pay cheque to clear his debt. But when he rejects gesture, the fundamental issues in their relationship finally rise to the surface and Summer suggests they should take a break. To her surprise, Andrew agrees. While it’s clear they’re both miserable in their decision, they remain stubborn and push on with their lives. Meanwhile, Paul continues trying to prove that Ajay’s stance on law and order will backfire, but is thwarted when Susan’s research suggests police station closures don’t necessarily result in crime increases. Desperate to find a new angle, Paul sends Susan to learn more about the community centre itself. While there, she finds herself excited by Ajay’s ideas and returns to Paul to announce he’s on his own: she's been won over to the other side. While Paul fumes at Ajay’s win, he’s spots a new plan of attack when he hears Tash is planning to throw a house party. How will Paul use this to his advantage?

Tuesday 1st May

Toadie continues to enjoy finding an escape at the office, until he discovers that Sonya's on to his plans and is forced to explain himself. Having overheard Toadie’s confession to Sonya, Callum tries to help out by organising tickets to the football. Unaware of this, Toadie leaves Callum heartbroken when he goes to work anyway - and, having dug his own grave, his efforts to make amends prove futile when Charlotte denies his appeal to reduce his caseload. Not interested in talking about the break he and Summer have taken, Andrew hides his concern from Paul. When Paul realises what’s going on, he’s unsure how to best support his son. Heeding Susan's advice that a distraction might be the answer, Paul successfully uses work to offer Andrew a breather from his relationship concerns. Meanwhile, Summer's search for support also leads her to Susan, who insists on dragging her to book club. When Summer realises no one has read the set text, Susan worries her attempt has failed, only to then find what she thinks is a more fun way to take Summer’s thoughts off Andrew - but will she succeed?

Wednesday 2nd May

With Jade still refusing to forgive him for manipulating her, Rhys escapes the tension at home to visit his mother, Elaine. However, when she asks to visit him for Easter at his place, Rhys is forced to lie and claim he’s working. Ridden with guilt over disappointing his mother, Rhys spends the day with her, but his secrets are threatened when Jade and Kyle are roped into delivering some of Sonya’s flowers to the nursing home. When Rhys pretends Elaine is a patient, Elaine calls her son on his lies, fearing he’s ashamed of her. Toadie and Sonya worry about Callum upon finding he’s gone to the football alone. Relieved when he returns home, Sonya tries to convince her son that Toadie considers him his top priority but fails to properly lift his spirits. Things aren’t helped when Callum’s roped into replicating Kyle’s Easter traditions. When Toadie arrives home from work, he puts his heart on the line and tries to make amends, only to learn that Callum doesn’t actually want to hang out with him; he just wants Toadie to want to hang out with him. Surprised when Jade’s disappointed about not being with him for Easter, Kyle cancels his family plans to spend it with her. Touched, Jade tries to replicate his family’s Easter traditions, but her plans are thwarted when desperate Sonya inadvertently sends them on a collision course with Rhys and his mother.

Thursday 3rd May

Summer and Andrew are confronted when they’re forced to face each other for the first time since starting their break. Although they both resolve to push through their awkwardness in order to attend Tash’s party, it becomes clear they’re on very different paths when they separately voice their contrasting expectations to their friends. While Summer believes the break will be good for their relationship, Andrew feels the opposite. Determined to stay in Summer’s orbit, Andrew successfully breaks the ice between them; however, when he mistakenly reads this as a sign of reconciliation and therefore tries to orchestrate one, Summer makes it clear they’re still on a break. His fears seemingly confirmed, disappointed Andrew assumes that this is the beginning of the end. Having tried without success to convince Elaine he's not ashamed of her, Rhys tries to make amends by taking her to see Martin. Upon learning that her son lied to her about getting into the surgery program straight away, however, Elaine questions whether she actually knows him at all, prompting Rhys to confess to having lied about his housemates. He assumes he’s blown things, but instead Elaine encourages him to be himself and to start building bridges. Trying to follow her advice, Rhys apologises to Jade - but will she be willing to listen? Meanwhile, Sophie worries when Kate finds out that she and Rani are planning to sneak into Tash’s party, fearing that she will give them away. However, Sophie’s pleasantly surprised when Kate proves she can be more like a sister than a mother.

Friday 4th May

Fearing that he and Summer are about to break up for good, Andrew lets Belinda flirt with him at Tash’s party. Summer struggles to deal with the reality of being around him without them being together, and ends up leaving. Karl sees that Summer is miserable without Andrew and encourages her to end their break. Deciding she wants to be with Andrew, Summer goes back to the party to tell him, only to discover him kissing Belinda. Lou’s finances hit another blow when an expensive electricity bill is due. Getting an idea from Toadie’s natural remedies, Lou tries to sell his own homeopathic mixture for a quick buck but fails miserably. Realising the depth of his friend's woes, can Lucas help without wounding Lou's pride?