'Home And Away' episode synopsis' for the week from Monday 23rd April to Friday 27th April 2012 - Will Sasha tell Margaret the truth?

In this weeks' Home And Away, Sasha attempts to break into the Henderson home and Darcy tries to convince Bianca to let Heath in. With thanks to C5!

Monday 23rd April

Worried about an incriminating message written in the book she gave Stu, Sasha is caught trying to steal it from the Hendersons' home - only to be caught by Margaret. Having escaped, Sasha later returns in a hoping to explain the full story of what happened on the day of Stu's death; however, Margaret is still too grief-stricken to hear it. Meanwhile, still at odds with Romeo, Indi goes on a seemingly harmless date with Logan. Although she resists letting anything happen between them, she remains ignorant to the fact that Ruby has spotted them together and confided the news in Romeo. Can he try to persuade Indi to make their marriage work? Elsewhere, Sid confronts Margaret with his suspicion that she's poisoning Alan but finds his hands are tied when she in turn reveals that Sasha broke in to her home.

Tuesday 24th April

After his report to the police leads to Margaret's arrest, Sid begins to worry what she will do with the evidence she holds against Sasha. Meanwhile, when Alan finds out about his wife’s attempted murder, he loses it and rushes out of the hospital, knocking down a nurse in the process. Having overheard a discussion between April and Heath, Darcy approaches Bianca and asks her why she won't let him be a part of the baby's life. Dismayed, Bianca tries to explain the situation, only to be left feeling uncertain about the future when Liam walks in and gleans enough to realise that Heath knows the truth. Furious with April for letting slip her secret in the first place, Bianca retaliates by warning her that she no longer wants her to be part of her life.

Wednesday 25th April

When Irene presses her for answers, Bianca is forced to reveal both that Liam isn't the father of her baby and the circumstances surrounding Heath getting to know the truth. As both Bianca and Liam struggle with the situation, they come to the conclusion that moving out of the Beach House and away from April might be the only way to get their marriage back on track. Meanwhile, as things heat up between Casey and Henri, Heath interrupts their tutoring session hoping to confide his troubles in his ex. Already feeling as though his brother is threatening his relationship, Casey's fears are heightened when he later sees Henri and Heath together at the diner, looking very comfortable in each other's company.

Thursday 26th April

When she collects Brax from hospital and realises that the awkwardness between them remains, a disheartened Leah struggles to shrug off her feelings. Roo urges her to move on, but when VJ's attempts to become a River Boy land him in trouble with the police, Brax is forced to intervene - and it's only a matter of time before he's thrust back into her life as a result. Meanwhile, at Summer Bay House, Marilyn and Roo fall flat in their attempts to make John a better housemate; and, after Casey and Henri have a near miss with Gina, it becomes clear to them both that it's only a matter of time before they're caught.

With thanks to C5!


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