'Home And Away' episode synopsis' for the week from Monday 16th to Friday April 2012 - Heath seeks revenge!

Home And AwayThis week in Home And Away, Leah worries after Brax and Roo gives Harvey a second chance. With thanks to Channel 5 for the synopsis'!

Monday 16th April

As she keeps vigil over Brax at the hospital, Leah's concern sparks Roo's suspicion that her feelings run deeper than she's prepared to admit - a situation she's forced to confront when the River Boy later winds up on her doorstep. Despite wanting to forget her kiss with Harvey ever happened, a business lunch with him leaves Ruby struggling to deny their chemistry. Harvey wants to embrace their ‘spirited’ relationship, but is Roo ready to do the same? Meanwhile, as Heath's quest for revenge against Sully puts her in danger, Bianca feels the heat from April over her decision to withhold from him the truth about the baby's paternity.

Tuesday 17th April

While both Bianca and April vouch for him, Liam is furious that Heath's actions put his wife and baby in danger, and wastes no time warning him to keep his distance. Despite this, when she later suffers a scare with her pregnancy, Bianca can't help feeling worried about how well Liam's coping with the news about the baby's paternity and pushes him for reassurance that he's fully committed to their family. Meanwhile, having witnessed Heath lamenting missed opportunities with Darcy, April breaks Bianca's confidence to reveal he might have a second chance after all. Elsewhere, following Brax's awkward moment with Leah, Sid tracks him down and convinces him to return to hospital; and Marilyn and Leah encourage Roo to give Harvey a second chance.

Wednesday 18th April

After Heath confronts her about the pregnancy, Bianca insists he can’t be involved and threatens to leave Summer Bay if he tells anyone the truth. Refusing to accept April's reasons for breaking her confidence, she warns her sister to keep the news from going any further; otherwise they're through. In response to Henri trying to reassert a student-teacher boundary between them, Casey disappoints Gina by telling her he intends to quit school. Unaware of the underlying issue, Gina’s solution is for Henri to resume tutoring him. Casey and Henri both know it’s a dangerous game, but it looks like they can’t resist each other. Roo and Marilyn are disgruntled with John’s irritating domestic habits and hatch a plan to get Gina to take him back. However, in the process, they inadvertently manage to put John and Gina at cross-purposes, and only cement their separation.

Thursday 19th April

Despite apparently giving Romeo her blessing to compete with Ruby in the surfing competition, Indi remains cold towards both of them. As Romeo tries to put a definite boundary between him and Ruby on the circuit, a surprise visit from Indi leads to an awkward misunderstanding that leaves her convinced her husband is having an affair. Meanwhile, when Casey learns that Henri has accepted a dinner invitation from Gina, he makes a point of sending her a text as she's leaving, hopeful that she'll come next door to see him. Having already warned him about the need for discretion, Henri's fears are confirmed after a close call with Gina, giving her fresh perspective on their relationship. Elsewhere, Xavier returns from the Academy for a visit, only to realise that Gina and John's relationship remains on shaky ground - and it's going to take a lot more than he thought to help set them back on the right track.

Friday 20th April

Following her visit to the surfing competition, Indi returns to the farm house with Romeo and Ruby in hot pursuit. Romeo tries to set things right, but Indi's evident distrust of him only further inflames the situation, putting their already fragile relationship at breaking point. Meanwhile, as Alan Henderson's condition deterioriates, he once again finds himself under Sid's care, leading Margaret to insinuate that the doctor's negligence is to blame for his downward slide. However, Sid himself comes to an altogether different solution when he visits the Hendersons' to investigate Alan's medication and is led to suspect that Alan may be being poisoned by his wife. When Sasha realises she left an incriminating message at Stu’s house, she becomes fearful it’ll be used against her in the trial and, in a fit of desperation, breaks into the Henderson house to retrieve it - but can she escape detection?

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