'Neighbours' episode synopsis' for the week from Monday 16th to Friday 20th April 2012 -Tash goes too far!

NeighboursThis week in Neighbours, Chris tries to fix Andrew and Summer's relationship and Emilia and Michael tell Tash the truth. With thanks to C5!

Monday 16th April

With the cracks in Andrew and Summer's relationship beginning to show, Chris tries in vain to make peace between them. Are they past the point of no return? Despite Emilia's concerns about his remaining in Lucas’s firing line, Michael assures her that he'll get their friendship back on track. However, when Emilia hears evidence to the contrary, she confronts Michael – suggesting they reveal to Lucas the whole truth about their past connection. Tash realises she’s made a fashion faux-pas at uni, but Emilia has a novel and touching solution.

Tuesday 17th April

Wanting to show her support of Michael and Emilia, Tash decides to throw them a barbecue. As she feared, her cooking attempts are a disaster, but the real catastrophe comes when she goes to throw it away and finds Emilia’s discarded written confession. Confused Tash confronts Emilia, only to discover that Michael was involved too. As they explain the sordid events that took place around her mother’s death, Tash realises the extent of their betrayal. Needing to lash out, Tash steals the Sandman and, in the most public of statements, sets it on fire. Worried about how Lucas is coping now that Michael and Emilia are together, Sonya resolves to help him - only to provoke Toadie's frustration when, against his better judgment, she throws a poorly disguised attempt at a pity party. Channelling their hidden stress about their fertility issues, the fight blows out of proportion. The couple remain at odds, only for Toadie to find out his test results have come in – and his fertility still hasn’t improved. With their tensions still lingering, disappointed Toadie chooses not to share the bad news with Sonya. But how long can he keep this from her?

Wednesday 18th April

While Michael deals with the fallout of his daugher's actions, Tash seeks solace in Summer. Determined to explain himself, Michael reaches out to Tash, desperate to let her know he never meant to hurt anyone. On Summer's advice, Tash hears him out, but will she ever be able to forgive him? Still tense from the night before, Toadie escapes to work, where his mood and actions soon arouse suspicion. When Charlotte assumes he’s sick, he reluctantly tells her about his fertility issues and, gaining unexpected comfort, confides in her his test results. However, when Sonya finds out he's chosen to share them with his boss over her, Toadie finds himself with some explaining to do: how will he manage to earn back her trust?

Thursday 19th April

When an old friend of Karl’s dies, Karl finds his new girlfriend Jessica is not as understanding as he would have liked. Instead it’s Susan who lends her support, helping him get through the funeral when the grieving widow asks Karl to play a song by way of a tribute. What does this development mean for Karl’s new relationship and his old love? Still trying to find a surreptitious way to repay the $8,000 he filched from Kyle’s account, Lou hits on a scheme: he’ll supply Kyle with cheap building material, get the customer to foot the bill and use the difference to cover what he owes. But when it turns out that the clients to be left with low quality material are Toadie and Sonya, Lou faces a battle with his conscience.

Friday 20th April

Karl avoids telling Jessica about his night with Susan. But when she finds out for herself, she issues an ultimatum, forcing him to choose between them. Torn, Karl realises that he has too much history with Susan to cut her out of his life completely - but he still has to find a way to move on. When loved-up Jessica gives him the weekend off, Rhys realises her relationship with Karl could have its benefits. He arranges to visit his mother, but his plans are wrecked when Jessica is dumped and goes back on her word. Annoyed, Rhys channels his frustrations into messing with Jade, much to Kate’s distress. Wanting to prove they make a great team, Kyle ropes Jade into helping look after Callum. After a false start, Kyle makes Jade see how much fun a family can be, until Rhys starts playing on Jade’s phobia of commitment.