Home And Away Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 9th to Friday 13th April 2012 - Henri fights her feelings!

This week in Summer Bay, Henri develops feelings for her student Casey and Sid tries to convince Sasha to move away.

Monday 9th April

When Sid saves Alan Henderson’s life, Sasha hopes this will mean an end to her bullying at school. Gina remains unconvinced that Sid's actions will change anything, pressuring Sasha to name those responsible; however, despite later falling victim to an attack on the beach, the teen remains tight-lipped. While his kids refuse to join Sid in his move to the Outback, Sid believes that it could be the best solution for Sasha and, on Marilyn's advice, convinces Indi to talk to her. Can Sasha be persuaded into reconsidering her decision? Meanwhile, John is making a hash of settling into his new home, and Gina is furious to realise he’s moved out without even telling her. Both are hurt by this new development, but will either of them be willing to back down?

Tuesday 10th April

Casey finds out that April and Heath are no longer together but is truly crushed to hear why; unable to control his emotions, he confronts Henri about her part in the break-up. Despite Sasha's reluctance to reveal who is behind the bullying, when she asks Dex for help he in turn speaks to Sid. Armed with video evidence of Christy and others attacking Sasha, Gina is able to punish those responsible. Meanwhile, after Alan Henderson appeals to the hospital board to give Sid his job back, Sid and the Walker kids celebrate the fact that they no longer need to move to the Outback.

Wednesday 11th April

Concerned that their feelings for each other are inappropriate, Henri decides she can no longer tutor Casey. After Heath warns him that she's out of his league anyway, Casey seeks reassurance from Henri - who, denying any interest in his brother, gives in to a kiss. Meanwhile, Irene’s relationship with Eddie heats up when he agrees to attend her birthday dinner, and Liam grows ever suspicious of his intentions. Determined not to rock the boat, Bianca urges Liam to forget about his issues with the newcomer and instead channel his energies into Irene's birthday present: a recording session in the city. It’s Bianca’s first ultrasound and, when Liam runs into some trouble with his bike and isn’t able to make it home in time, April takes his place at her sister's side. However, Bianca's excitement soon gives way to panic when it's revealed that she's further along than she thought, throwing the paternity of the baby into question.

Thursday 12th April

When Bianca breaks the news to Liam that the baby is not his, he makes her promise they never tell anyone else the truth, especially Heath - a plan that does not sit well with April. After Roo sees Harvey with Fleur, she lies and tells Harvey she’s going on a date of her own - with Dale the chippie. Harvey sees through her lie, forcing Roo into asking Dale out on a real date. Meanwhile, Ruby receives a payout cheque for Charlie's death, leaving her too upset to compete in the Surf Comp; and Leah discovers that Brax is intending to fight again, only for the stakes to be raised when he falls victim to an attack at Angelo's.

Friday 13th April

When Leah finds Brax knocked out after a robbery at Angelo’s, she urges him to reconsider his cage fight. Brax, however, goes ahead despite his head injury, only to collapses and be rushed to hospital. Having returned from the Academy for the weekend, Xavier unsuccessfully tries to convince John to resolve the issues between him and Gina. Feeling a little left out after being away for so long, Xavier and Ruby decide to have a quiet night bingeing on pizza and DVDs. In the meantime, Indi has prepared a romantic evening with Romeo, but he’s too worried about Ruby after she bailed from the Surf Comp. Indi reluctantly understands; however, when Romeo arrives at the house to check on Ruby and finds her with Xavier, he realises he's sacrificed his plans for nothing. Roo convinces Dale to join her for a meal at Angelo’s, where she knows Harvey will be dining with Fleur. After spending the night complaining about each other and annoying their respective dates, Harvey challenges Roo to face up to her feelings. Irritated by his audacity, Roo denies everything s and throws Harvey out - but it’s clear there’s still heat between them.

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