'Eastenders' episode synopsis' for the week from Monday 9th to Friday 13th April 2012 - Are Dot's suspicions incorrect?

EastendersThis week in Eastenders, Michael and Janine clash on the topic of weddings. Meanwhile, tension builds in the Mitchell household with George around.

Monday 9th April

George's presence in the Mitchell household continues to pile the pressure on Ben and Jay, leading Phil to make a painful decision. Janine is left frustrated after Michael appears uninterested by plans for their wedding - but could talk of her prenuptial agreement have anything to do with his detachment?

Tuesday 10th April

Phil frets when Ben attends a psychological assessment relating to the false accusations against his dad - will Ben be able to hold it together under the scrutiny? Meanwhile Shirley comes to an unsettling realisation about Heather's death, and Jean is touched when her new confidante Michael steps up to help her through a bad day at work.

Thursday 12th April

Walford's residents turn out in force to pay their respects to Heather, but a furious Shirley makes it clear that Andrew is not welcome at the funeral. Ben desperately tries to cover his tracks after Shirley's revelation, but panic ensues when DS Crisp arrives at the wake to make an arrest. Meanwhile, Michael finally comes to a decision about Janine's prenup.

Friday 13th April

The Mitchells are left reeling by yesterday's shock events, and are further stunned when Shirley joins forces with Andrew to help the police. A guilt-ridden Mandy wrestles with her conscience, knowing she has some information that could help Heather's murder investigation - but will she do the right thing? Derek makes a discovery about Alfie that leaves him seething.

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