'Home And Away' Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 2nd to Friday 6th April 2012 - Is Casey in trouble?

This week on Home And Away, Roo tries to compete with Harvey in the fundraising stakes and Casey could be in danger on a camping trip.

Monday 2nd April

April and Henri continue to find themselves at loggerheads over Heath, who gives little to either in return. As Bianca grows concerned for her sister when she learns about the two-way tussle for the River Boy's affections, Henri plays the final card by bringing to April's attention the truth about her affair with Heath. Meanwhile, Roo offers to raise money to support Alf's Thailand charity drive, also hoping to get one up on Harvey's efforts; however, she struggles to contain her jealousy when she's overshadowed by the generous contribution of his new girlfriend. Elsewhere, Liam suspects Eddie, Irene's new vocal coach, is more interested in impressing him than he is helping her to improve her singing.

Tuesday 3rd April

As April breaks down after finding Heath and Henri together on a romantic getaway, he manages to convince her that nothing happened between them. However, when Bianca gets the truth and convinces him to come clean, April tells Heath she wants him out of her life - and it isn't long before Henri reaches the same conclusion. Meanwhile, Casey is surprised to see Tyler back in town, struggling and homeless. Casey draws a line in the sand and asserts they’re not mates anymore, prompting Tyler to steal a knife from the diner with seemingly sinister intentions.

Wednesday 4th April

Acting out of guilt, Casey gives Tyler some help getting back on his feet and agrees to go camping with him overnight. Meanwhile, as Colleen realises Tyler might have stolen a knife and the police come knocking on the Braxtons' door looking for him, Brax realises his brother could be in danger. Will he make it to Casey's rescue in time? Romeo returns from the surfing circuit with both a win under his belt. Although Ruby promises to keep quiet about the fact she competed with him, Romeo decides to come clean over a celebratory dinner with Indi - and as a result is soon forced to rethink his plans.

Thursday 5th April

When she becomes the victim of taunting at school, Sasha insists to Dex that she'd rather let the situation blow over than do anything about it. However, as the bullying continues and even her friends begin to feel they can't stand by her any longer, Gina suggests to Sid that his daughter stays home during Stu’s memorial. Sasha doesn’t want to admit defeat, but will she be left with any choice? When Romeo tells her he’s asked Ruby to drop out of the surfing circuit, Indi feels guilty for taking that away from her. Although as a compromise Romeo offers to stop competing so that his friend can continue, Indi's forced to rethink her stance when Ruby warns her that her behaviour is only going to drive him away. Xavier surprises Gina with an early return home, but he’s concerned that something’s up between her and John, who eventually admits that money issues have put them on shaky ground. Off the back of Roo’s advice, and under pressure from Xavier to give her husband a second chance, Gina intends to reconnect with John; instead, however, she sees him accepting money from Brax and is left feeling deeply unsettled.

Friday 6th April

Having received threatening mail to her home, Sasha changes her mind about attending the school's service for Stu, instead choosing to hold her own private memorial with Indi and Dex. Later, Sid tells the family he’s been offered a job with the Royal Flying Doctors and that he wants them all to move to the outback with him, also hoping the change of scenery will benefit Sasha. Although the bribe of a car leaves Dex tempted to let go of his reservations, eventually Sid is faced with the reality that his family simply doesn't want to move: is he prepared to leave Summer Bay without them? After learning Gina saw him accepting money from Brax, John explains that he’s being paid in return for the V8 Casey’s friend stole. However, she’s still irritated he kept the truth from her; with tensions running high, John moves out of their house and into Alf’s. As the charity efforts continue, Roo flirts with a tradie volunteer in front of Harvey, leading him to question whether she’s behaving out of jealousy. Elsewhere, Stu’s memorial prompts Alf to take his charity to the next level and fly to Thailand himself.

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