Home And Away Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 26th to Friday 30th March 2012 - The truth about Stu!

This week in Home And Away, the mystery behind Stu's death is finally uncovered as Sasha admits to murdering the abusive lad.

Monday 26th March

After admitting to him that she killed Stu, Sasha is relieved when Sid promises to protect her. In a bid to help his daughter he recruits Morag, who accompanies her to the police station to give an account of what happened. It appears to be a clear case of self-defence - only for Sasha to return home to face arrest for murder. Meanwhile, when Xavier learns of Sasha’s plight his request for temporary leave from the academy is denied, and so he decides to defy orders and go anyway. When Gina expresses her shock, Xavier explains that Rafferty is singling him out and, on her advice, approaches Watson for guidance. Elsewhere, in the wake of Sasha's revelations, Indi and Dex are, like Roo, feeling remorseful about ever having doubted Sid, and declare their solidarity by promising to put their trust in him from now on.

Tuesday 27th March

Morag is furious when, during the investigation into Stu's murder, the discovery of new evidence suggests that Sasha has lied to the police. After being held overnight and released on bail, things go from bad to worse for Sasha when she then finds herself having to publicly face Stu's mother. Meanwhile, when she forgets she's due to pitch to Harvey, Roo agrees to reschedule their meeting for later the same evening. However, she's soon left feeling uneasy when Marilyn suggests that by doing so she might inadvertently be accepting a date, not a business dinner. Elsewhere, much to Indi's delight, Romeo returns from his surfing competition. Later, when Ruby learns he doesn't think he can go for the next one, she suggests they go together; feeling as though she needs this, and spurred on when he thinks back to Harvey calling him a quitter, Romeo agrees despite Indi's misgivings. Will there be trouble in paradise?

Wednesday 28th March

When Heath finds and tells Brax about his stash of money, Tyler grows anxious about getting it back. As things get heated, Casey threatens to expose how he got his hands on the cash in the first place - only to find his hands tied when it response Tyler warns he's ready to reveal to everyone what really happened in juvie. Ruby's excited that Romeo is going back to the circuit, but he's determined not to let anyone know she's joining him. Having tried and failed to talk to Indi at work, Romeo's at his wit's end by the time Sid, on Marilyn's advice, encourages the pair of them to sit down and work things out. Indi eventually compromises and agrees to support Romeo's surfing plans - little aware that they include Ruby. Meanwhile, still feeling threatened by Henri, April attempts to trick Heath into coming round for a full family dinner - but is it a decision she'll live to regret?

Thursday 29th March

Casey refuses to tell Heath what happened to him in juvie, instead confiding in Henri. When Tyler spills the beans to Brax, he gets kicked out for his pains - and, after failing to win support from Casey, decides to leave the Bay. Meanwhile, Brax finds John in a tough financial situation and decides he will pay him back for the car that Tyler stole. Curious about what really happened, John grows suspicious of his motives; with an assurance from Brax that he didn't take the car but knows who did, John accepts the money and agrees not to go to the police. April anxiously looks forward to dinner with Heath, though Liam and the others fail to share her enthusiasm. However, when Heath arrives at the doorstep and realises he’s been duped into a full family dinner, he leaves – and falls straight into Henri's arms.

Friday 30th March

In the aftermath of their hook-up, Heath makes it clear he wants Henri to keep quiet about what happened between them. However, he can't help wondering if she's playing games when, after he accepts April's apology, Henri later gives her an unexpectedly good mark in class. Having been reprimanded by his instructor for being too soft during a training exercise, Xavier is frustrated to be kept back to repeat part of his course. However, he finally gets a chance to prove himself and win back his tutor's respect when he later manages to successfully stop a robbery. Meanwhile, Gina once again begins to question John's honesty when she discovers he's come into some money about which he hasn't told her. Their relationship then suffers a further setback when Alf suggests a fundraising drive to help Miles build a school in Thailand and John believes that his wife is teaming up with Harvey. Elsewhere, Elijah and Leah agree to bury the hatchet; and Roo tells Harvey that he's not going to provoke her jealousy, no matter how much he continues to parade around with other women.


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