Neighbours Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 26th to Friday 30th March 2012 - Kate tries to sabotage Kyle's relationship!

NeighboursThis week on Neighbours, Michael makes sacrifices for Emilia. Elsewhere, Paul clashes with Priya. With thanks to Channel 5 for the synopsis'.

Monday 26th March

Realising going back to school is the only way to get into her journalism course, Summer resolves to repeat Year 12. Being a once renowned graduate, however, she’s confronted when she admits she’s repeating her studies because she cheated, only to be taunted by younger students. Will Summer be able to tolerate the humiliation and the prospect of a yearlong grind, or will she crack under the pressure? With Emilia ignoring his calls, Michael’s buoyed when he learns she missed their dinner because she was breaking up with Lucas. While sympathetic to Lucas’s heartbreak, Michael seizes the opportunity to put his feelings on the line. Will Emilia admit she feels the same way? And will Lucas work out that he’s been dumped for another man? Thinking uni will be all boring theory, Andrew initially dreads the year ahead of him without Summer - only for his eyes to be opened by a potentially exciting new business mentor.

Tuesday 27th March

When Sonya pushes more fertility remedies on Toadie, he feels like his masculinity is being questioned. Determined to prove he’s a manly man, he sets off on a quest to fix the hole in their wall but ups the ante by insisting he’s going to install a fireplace too. When it becomes clear that Toadie has no idea what's doing, Sonya tries to spare him any embarrassment by calling in reinforcements - only to leave him feeling even more belittled. Even though he tries to push on to prove his worth, Callum's discovery of his shortcomings causes Toadie to rock bottom - and to let his temper get the better of him. Despite Michael's encouragement, Summer can't bear the fact that with her decision to repeat Year 12 comes the task of completing homework assignments she's seen before. She turns to Andrew for support but, when she learns he covered his uni success from her in order to save her feelings, realises her step backwards could drive a massive wedge between them - and so she reaches a life-changing decision. Meanwhile, when Emilia claims she didn’t break up with Lucas for someone else, he feels hopeful there’s still a chance they’ll get back together - as a guilt-ridden Michael soon finds out.

Wednesday 28th March

After officially becoming Sophie’s legal guardian, Paul has little success in convincing her to enrol for Eden Hills Grammar and so instead sets out to get her reinstated at Erinsborough High. When Priya refuses to agree without an apology from Sophie, Paul attempts to bribe her with a substantial donation towards a new tech hub. After the school board votes overwhelmingly to accept the money, Paul is furious when Priya opposes the deal, claiming he must have been mistaken. Deftly outplayed, Paul returns to Sophie to deliver the ultimatum - either she apologises to Priya to get back into Erinsborough High, or it’s Eden Hills Grammar. Sophie stubbornly declares she’d rather go to Eden Hills, even though she’ll hate it. With Sophie already heading off the rails, will this lead to even more disaster? Refusing to admit he's in pain, Toadie leaves Sonya and Callum dismayed with his decision to return to work - where, although thrown to find an important meeting has been rescheduled, he successfully conceals his back injury and wins over the clients. Laying low after his victory, Toadie’s secret is later discovered by Charlotte, who’s impressed by his refusal to quit. Realising he needs to display that same spirit at home, Toadie returns to Sonya, putting his insecurities aside and vowing to do whatever it takes to have a baby. But will it be enough?

Thursday 29th March

Denied the opportunity to return to Erinsborough High, Sophie prepares for her first day at Eden Hills Girls Grammar. After missing the bus, her day goes from bad to worse when, having spotted her chance to prove herself on the soccer field, she realises that the other girls are far better than her. As she begins to feel like a small fish in a big pond, Callum urges Sophie to rethink her decision and apologise to Priya, whether she means it or not – but can she bring herself to do it? In need of extra business, Jade gets the idea to create a match-making boot camp for singles. Hoping to inspire potential client, she ropes in Kyle to play up their own romance, also convincing Lucas, Chris, Aidan and Kate to participate. However, when Kate sees how happy Kyle is with Jade, her jealousy is piqued – and she unexpectedly finds herself unable to get him out of her mind.

Friday 30th March

As Kate struggles with her newfound feelings for Kyle, she laments missing her chance with him a year ago. But when she learns that Kyle was prepared to fly to Port Douglas for her, she realises there may still be hope. Seeing how much Kyle and Jade mean to each other, just how far will Kate go to get what she wants? Meanwhile, Toadie unwittingly thwarts an insurance scam by Lou, who badly needs the money to pay overdue debts. Out of options, Lou resorts to manipulating the Dial-A-Kyle expenses account. But can he really rip off a mate?

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