Eastenders Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd March 2012 - Will Heather meet her maker?

EastendersThis week on Eastenders, an excited Heather is getting ready for her big day but after a confrontation with tearaway Ben, Heather's life is put severely at risk. Will Heather live to walk up the aisle or will it be 'death us do part' before she says her vows?

Monday 19th March

Andrew presents Heather with a radical proposition for their big day - but will she take him up on his offer? When a desperate Ben confronts Heather about Marsden's threat, a terrible fight ensues, with devastating consequences. Dot, Cora and Rose join forces in order to repair Heather's damaged wedding dress in time for tomorrow.

Tuesday 20th March

Phil, Ben and Jay attempt to hide their true emotions during Phil's welcome home dinner, knowing they must keep their monstrous secret concealed - but will Shirley realise something is wrong? Elsewhere, Phil is disgusted by his son's guilty secret and after he deletes a phone message from Heather, the man is forced to tell lies to partner Shirley, what have he and Ben been hiding?

Wednesday 21st March

A distraught Shirley begins to unravel when questioned by Detective Crisp about Heather's final hours. At the police station, Phil watches Jay and Ben being led away for separate questioning - but can they maintain their lie? Meanwhile Dot, Cora and Rose continue to work on Heather's wedding dress, unaware of recent tragic events, and Andrew's worst fears are confirmed when he arrives back at Heather's flat.

Thursday 22nd March

Phil waits with a devastated Shirley for news on Jay and Ben's police interviews as they attempt to stick with their version of events. In a moment of madness, a protective Rose lies about Andrew's whereabouts and Andrew begins to panic when Detective Crisp reveals he knows all about his dubious history. Elsewhere, a heartbroken Dot struggles to come to terms with her loss.

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