Hollyoaks Episode synopsis' for the week from Monday 12th to Friday 16th March - George faces evil Deena!

This week on Hollyoaks, a fearful George doesn't know what Deena and Graham are going to do next, will he manage to escape? Elsewhere, Cheryl is feeling under pressure when her class are entered into a business competition and Ste and Doug continually clash. With thanks to Lime Pictures!

Monday 12th March

A terrified George is desperate to escape from Deena and Graham’s clutches. How far will the evil pair go to make George and Phoebe do what they want? Following their split Annalise and Rob are both putting on a brave face. But are they really as over each other as they claim? Meanwhile Cheryl finds herself under pressure when her college class is asked to enter a business competition. And elsewhere Ste and Doug enter the same contest – could this be the opportunity they’ve been waiting for?

Tuesday 13th March

With Phoebe unable to help him George faces the darkest moment of his life. Is there any way to escape from Deena and Graham? Cheryl is finding it hard to juggle the demands of her job with the deadlines for her degree which leads to a mix up at the club. Elsewhere Annalise has thrown herself into preparing for the business competition but is she just hiding from her heartbreak? And Ste and Doug find themselves at loggerheads over their pitch for the contest; can Amy help them settle their differences?

Wednesday 14th March

Tensions are running high on the day of the business competition. Do Ste and Doug stand a chance after winding Tony up? Annalise is quietly confident but will her desire for perfection prove her undoing? And with her place on her uni course at risk can Cheryl prove she’s a serious business woman?  Elsewhere Callum and Maddie are worry about George‘s whereabouts while Scott tries to help Rob get over Annalise, but Rob’s solution might not be the best idea…

Thursday 15th March

On a drinking session with the rugby boys Rob is determined to prove he’s over Annalise. But will Rob’s efforts cause a rift with new team-mate Will? Elsewhere Annalise enjoys a girlie bonding session with Cheryl and Lynsey  but can she really learn to relax and cut loose?

Friday 16th March

When Rob crosses a line the appalled Sixth Formers have to act. But will he admit what’s really the matter? Elsewhere Mitzeee tries to help Riley’s custody case by stirring trouble between Mercedes and the McQueens.