Neighbours Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 12th to Friday 16th March - Kate is in love!

NeighboursThis week on Neighbours, Kate makes plans with Dominic unaware of what is going on in Ramsay Street, Summer and Andrew fight for their relationship as they question whether they can stay together and Toadie and Sonya decide to give their house a makeover.

Monday 12th March

Desperate to bring Kate home in time for Sophie’s DHS hearing, Paul embarks on his search in Port Douglas. He manages to persuade the local chief of police to put out a missing persons report, but offends him in the process. Paul next hits one of the local bars to see if anyone recognises Kate, only to be led up the garden path by an opportunist looking for a quick feed. With his wallet seemingly stolen, Paul’s forced back to the police to beg for help. Despite the hurdle, Paul promises Sophie he’ll get her sister home – oblivious to the fact that Kate’s romance with Dominic is blossoming and she’s committed to travelling to Vietnam with him as soon as possible. Has Paul missed his chance to keep his family together? Feeling too guilty to spend time with Lucas and Emilia, Michael spots an escape when Priya asks him to supervise the school’s plumbing repairs. Back at the site of his collapse, Michael’s confronted by memories of his confrontation with Summer. Although Summer tries to allay his suspicions, when Michael returns to the bathroom he finds himself piecing more of the puzzle together – and realising his memories and her story simply don’t add up. Although Sonya fears Toadie will find the hole she’s made in their wall, it’s Callum who discovers her secret and uncovers remnants from the 'House of Trouser' days. While Sonya’s buoyed that Toadie isn’t angry about her mishap, she gets more than she bargained for when he’s overcome by nostalgia.

Tuesday 13th March

Encouraged to mend things with Andrew, Summer attends a traffic light party with Tash, only for Andrew to arrive in orange – indicating he might be available. And things only get worse when Michael confronts Summer revealing he’s remembered everything and is going to report her cheating. Have Summer’s uni dreams come to an end? Despite her fears that Kyle will use Valentine's Day as an excuse to go overboard, Jade is rellieved when it turns out he’s organised a low-key date together. Although she enjoys her growing closeness with him however, she can't help feeling hurt when he’s distracted by his concern for Kate’s safety.

Wednesday 14th March

With Michael planning to report Summer for cheating, Andrew takes matters into his own hands and attempts to plead her case. Finding this gets her nowhere, Summer tracks Michael down at school, hoping to talk him round herself; however, her visit takes an unexpected turn when Priya spots her and encourages her to give the new Year 12s an impromptu speech about surviving the VCE. Summer's honesty impresses Michael so much he decides to put the onus on her to come clean, but will she? Meanwhile, despite Lucas’s claims that Paul’s doing all he can to find Kate, Kyle is driven to take action and announces his plans to travel to Port Douglas to pick up the search. Jade hopes to change his mind after getting hold of a photo of Kate enjoying her travels, but is left sorely disappointed when Kyle refuses to cancel his trip without first seeing proof. When Chris clocks Aidan at Charlie's, Tash plays matchmaker and urges him to make a move. Will he let his nerves get the better of him?

Thursday 15th March

Chris stresses over his first date with Aidan – but quickly relaxes once he gets there. Until a sudden phone call from Tash throws a spanner in the works and Aidan thinks he’s bailed deliberately. Tash is furious to learn Chris knew about Summer’s cheating and didn’t tell her, and Chris looks like he’s having a terrible day... until Aidan’s understanding gives their budding romance another chance. In Port Douglas, Paul uses Kyle's photo and manages to track down Erin in a local bar. When Paul reveals Sophie's problems as the reason for his needing to find Kate so urgently, Erin casts aside her initial reluctance to help and points him in the right direction. Can Paul reach his niece in time to stop her boarding a cruise ship to Vietnam? Meanwhile, as Chris prepares for his first date with Aidan, he's delayed by a sudden phone call from Tash and worries he's once again made the wrong impression.

Friday 16th March

Hearing Paul’s in Port Douglas, Kate fears the worst and calls Sophie; when she discovers her sister's been expelled, she impulsively comes down hard on her. Hurt by Kate’s tirade, Sophie makes it clear she no longer needs her for the DHS meeting, claiming Susan’s agreed to be her guardian. Despite her resolution to make a fresh start, when Kate learns Paul’s been arrested, she feels obliged to make sure he’s okay. He insists she comes home, but Kate ultimately decides that it's in Sophie's best interests to stay in Susan's care. Meanwhile, as Susan makes it clear it's not her place to take over from Kate as her legal guardian, Sophie begins to worry she's burned all her bridges. Frustrated that she still hasn’t conceived, Sonya’s increasingly worried there’s a medical reason behind it, prompting Toadie to book a fertility test.

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