Home And Away Episode synopsis' for the week from Monday 12th to Friday 16th March - Brax enters a dangerous world!

This week on Home And Away, will Brax regret entering the world of cage fighting? Meanwhile, Romeo's business suffers and Leah tries to get through to The River Boys. With thanks to Channel 5 for the episode synopsis.

Monday 12th March

Feeling the heat from Indi to continue on his career path, Romeo turns to John - who, in a last-ditch attempt to revive the development, reassures him to continue with the condo sales. Meanwhile, with money troubles mounting and no insurance to cover him for the theft of the V8, John pressures Dennis to return some of his investment. Elsewhere, as Ruby continues to drink and push everyone away, Casey challenges Tyler to do the right thing after learning that he has stolen and sold John's car.

Tuesday 13th March

Brax is determined to keep cage fighting in order to pay Leah back, despite her attempts to stop him. When Brax learns of an upcoming fight with a notoriously brutal opponent, he can’t resist accepting the challenge, even if it could mean it’s his last. But when Leah turns up in the middle of the fight hoping to change his mind, the distraction could prove disastrous. Meanwhile, a chance meeting with Dex offers April the hope of a renewed friendship with him; and, after Ruby is hospitalised suffering dangerously low insulin levels, a concerned Roo decides on a course of tough love, insisting she moves into Summer Bay House.

Wednesday 14th March

Feeling the heat from Heath after distracting Brax during the fight, a guilt-ridden Leah struggles to keep her distance. But despite her determination to make amends, there's little that can prepare her for the shock of showing up uninvited to the River Boys' party only to walk in on Brax in bed with another woman. When she and Liam return from their honeymoon, Bianca is disappointed to find that April is still with Heath - and even more so when Henri approaches her with concerns about the teen's lack of focus at school. After calling a truce with her sister, it's just as Bianca begins to hope for an end to the drama that life throws her another curve ball. Elsewhere, Marilyn and Colleen organise day of pampering for Irene to help lift her spirits, thinking up ideas for a new hobby she can pursue to embrace her new lease of life.

Thursday 15th March

Bianca and Liam struggle to prevent the news of their pregnancy from spreading around the Bay. Despite their efforts, April can't resist telling Heath, who in turn collars Bianca with questions about the baby's paternity. Meanwhile, Xavier and Dex fall under suspicion after Alan Henderson is questioned by police over his son's death; and, on a lighter note, Irene's friends inspire her to make her karaoke debut.

Friday 16th March

Casey is furious with Tyler over the theft of John’s car, and grows increasingly annoyed when the young visitor lands a job at the caravan park. Meanwhile, as Roo vows never to work with Harvey again, John continues with his attempts to claw back some of his investment into the resort - but his plans to backfire when Gina learns exactly how much he lost. Elsewhere, the investigation into Stu’s murder intensifies, with Dex and Xavier both questioned by the police. But is Xavier's growing affection for Sasha jeopardising his integrity?

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