Hollyoaks Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 5th to Friday 9th March - Deena and Graham return!

This week on Hollyoaks, Darren is worried when he hears that Riley wants to sell the pub, will it be lifted from beneath his feet as soon as he has got it back? Elsewhere, George and Phoebe are reunited again but what threatens to ruin their happiness? Elsewhere, Myra and Riley strike a secret agreement!

Monday 5th March

Darren privately worries about Riley’s threat to sell the pub and is sent reeling when Nancy drops a bombshell of her own.  The newlyweds are faced with a pregnancy test…  Mercedes seeks out Riley, determined to be given a second chance, but will he succumb to her charms once more?  Ruby’s day goes from bad to worse when Jono refuses to apologise.

Tuesday 6th March

George is elated when Phoebe turns up at the Kanes’ but their reunion is far from happy when Phoebe leads him straight into the hands of Deena… Darren is gutted when he fails to change Riley’s mind about selling the pub.  Elsewhere, Riley agrees to let Myra see Bobby, on the proviso that she doesn’t tell Mercedes, and Maddie is furious when she learns of Callum’s night with Ruby…

Wednesday 7th March

A devastated Darren is forced to tell Nancy and Jack about Riley’s threat to sell the pub.  Worried about George’s disappearance, Callum tells Maddie the truth about George’s living situation – can she forgive his betrayal?  Elsewhere, Mitzeee and Riley try and get the McQueens onside in the battle for Baby Bobby.

Thursday 8th March

The sixth formers struggle to digest the news that George is homeless.  When their search for him proves fruitless Maddie takes drastic action.  Scott confronts Annalise about her feelings for him, leaving her with food for thought.  Elsewhere, Brendan continues to turn Joel into a mini version of himself whilst Leanne secures a trial shift at the club.

Friday 9th March

Tensions boil to the surface in the sixth formers’ group as they wait for news of George.  Whilst his disappearance pushes one young couple apart it brings another back together.  A romantic evening for Annalise and Rob ends in heartbreak when Annalise struggles to ignore Scott’s harsh words.  Elsewhere, Joel is rebuffed by Ash and Leanne’s trial at the club doesn’t go according to plan.

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