Neighbours Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 5th to Friday 9th March - Kate heads away!

NeighboursThis week on Neighbours, Kate heads to Port Douglas for a break and ends up in a holiday romance! Elsewhere, Michael is tempted by Emilia but can he really betray the trust of his mate Lucas? Meanwhile, Andrew risks everything by putting his business ahead of his friends and family.

Monday 5th March

Realising she’s lost her mobile, Kate is surprised when she calls her number and Dominic answers - and even more so when, having missed their meeting, he gives her another chance to collect it. Although the mood turns sour when, while teasing her, Dominic accidentally drops the phone into the sea, Kate can't help but feel intrigued by him. Is she willing to drop her old safe way of thinking and take a risk? Back on Ramsay Street, Michael struggles to shake off thoughts of Emilia, who's left feeling disappointed that they can’t just move on. However, when she learns that Tash suspects her father has a mystery woman, Emilia realises he does have feelings for her and confronts him. Will Michael give in to temptation? Jealous of how concerned Kyle is about Kate, Jade puts him in charge of looking after Lyn’s dying indoor plants. Determined to prove he’s no pushover, Kyle refuses and claims he’s thrown the plants out – only to secretly smuggle them to his yard for protection.

Tuesday 6th March

Annoyed when Andrew refuses to let her work on Red Cotton’s music video, Sophie goes around him and asks Priya, who agrees on the condition that she gets her guardian’s consent. Feeling abandoned when she discovers that Kate has gone without so much as a warning, Sophie responds by acting out at the shoot, earning Priya’s wrath and a suspension from school. Meanwhile, Kate continues to explores Far North Queensland and, having resolved to forget him, is surprised to run into Dominic again. Although she dismissed Erin's claim that it's traveller's fate, Kate struggles to shake off the encounter - and decides she's going to make the most of the opportunity for a holiday romance.

Wednesday 7th March

Initially furious about Sophie's stunt, Paul's anger turns to concern when he realises how deeply she's been affected by Kate's departure. When he appeals to Priya for leniency, she concedes she may be swayed if Sophie makes a public apology. Paul urges Sophie to put her future first; however, in a bid to prove she's ready to take ownership of her actions, she refuses, giving Priya no choice but to stand by her decision. Anticipating that Sophie’s outburst has ruined his chances to sign Red Cotton, Andrew goes into damage control and tries to salvage the music video footage. However, when Priya deletes it, he’s forced to bluff and buy time while he comes up with a solution. When Summer discovers his plan, she accuses him of again putting his business ahead of family. Feeling unsupported and refusing to be held back, Andrew manages to sign Red Cotton, but will it cost him his relationship?

Thursday 8th March

With the stigma of Peter Noonan still hanging over him, Toadie’s desperate to prove himself to his new colleagues. However, he's left feeling embarrassed when the Babymaker program Sonya downloaded onto his laptop goes off during an important presentation. Doing his best to rectify the situation with Charlotte, Toadie takes on more work and reluctantly turns down Sonya’s invite to slip home so they can try for a baby. Knowing time is of the essence, Sonya surprises him at work – only for them to get caught in the act by Toadie’s boss. Has Toadie ruined his already tainted reputation for good? When Kyle calls off their scheme, Callum tries to blackmail him, threatening to tell Paul. Confident he holds the cards, Kyle calls Callum’s bluff but, fearing the worst when he sees the youngster talking to Paul, threatens to blow their scheme. However, to their mutual surprise, Paul already knows about it. While Kyle’s forced to pay Paul for the ads, Callum seems to get off scot-free – until Sonya finds out and sentences him to working with her after school at the nursery. At a loss at how to handle Sophie, Paul reluctantly seeks Karl’s advice. However, although Karl assures him he’s done everything he can, Paul can’t help but wish he could do more.

Friday 9th March

Paul’s caught off guard when Roz from the DHS arrives looking for Kate, to discuss Sophie’s expulsion. When Roz arranges an interview with her, Sophie initially refuses to keep up the lie that her sister's on holiday, until Tash reminds her what's at stake and persuades her to toe the line. However, when Rhys inadvertently alerts Roz to Paul’s lies, she gives him an ultimatum – he has seven days to produce proof of Kate's return, or he risks Sophie being placed in foster care. With no other option, Paul discovers Kate is in Queensland and decides to bring her home himself. Without knowing exactly where she is or how to contact her, will he be able to find her in time? Toadie works feverishly to make amends with Charlotte, but when she insists he stay back for the work drinks, Sonya is not impressed. Has Toadie made a serious error of judgment, putting Charlotte’s wishes before Sonya’s? With Susan’s encouragement, Sonya throws herself into the redecoration of the lounge room. Annoyed that Toadie’s chosen a work event over coming home, Sonya takes matters into her own hands, giving the room a makeover she hadn’t quite planned on – an ugly, gaping hole in the wall. How will she explain this?

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