Eastenders Episode Synopsis for the week from Monday 5th March to Friday 9th March - Masood Family at Crisis Point!

EastendersThis week on Eastenders, Max and Tanya struggle to communicate with each other, have they began to give up their relationship? Elsewhere, Zainab has a very dark secret that she's been keeping from her family but how will the Masoods react to the surprising news? And Tamwar and Afia hit another rocky patch in their relationship.

Monday 5th March

Max and Tanya refuse to speak to each other about their relationship problems instead choosing to ignore it in the hope that it will go away. However, when Tanya gets a visit from the nurse and reveals that her sexual life has been badly affected by her cancer treatment, the nurse tells her to be honest with Max. Taking the advice onboard, Tanya decides to discuss it over a meal at The Arjee Bhajee but as things become awkward during the meal, she fails to be honest. After exiting the restaurant, they see a girl passed out but unknown to them, it's actually their daughter Lauren who has been drinking heavily and is passed out in the gutter. When Whitney and Fatboy find her and take her back to the house, a worried Whitney is forced to take action as she has flashbacks to the death of Billie from overdrinking and when Tanya sees how bad her daughter's problems have got, she worries. Elsewhere, Janine and Michael arrive back in Walford and begin planning an engagement party and Afia starts searching for plastic surgery for burns victims.

Tuesday 6th March

Promising to give the money that was left to her in Yusef's will to a worthy cause. However, after Fatboy agrees to cover for her whilst she goes out, he's soon chasing after her with a note left by Tamwar to say that he's leaving. Whilst they manage to convince him to stay, Zainab is forced to intervene when he and Afia arguing by admitting that she caused Tamwar's burns by forcing Yusef to return to the B&B on Christmas Day. Meanwhile, Christian returns and when he shows his hurt at Zainab still freezing him out from the family, Syed suggests that they buy Amira out of the business however an annoyed Amira says she isn't going anywhere and is incensed when Christina accuses her of using her relationship with Anthony to stay in Walford. Meanwhile, out of control Lauren refuses to play by her parent's rules and announces that she's moving out and moving in with Anthony and Tyler!
Thursday 8th March

A furious Afia gets Tamwar to lift his shirt up and show his mother the scars that she is responsible for giving him. Meanwhile, Zainab is forced to confess the full details saying that she sent him back in wanting to punish him for all he had done to her. However, Masood stands up for his wife saying that the Koran says that you should forgive those who defend themselves but as Zainab sits down to speak with Afia, can her daughter-in-law ever forgive her? However, the drama is interrupted when Christian arrives to say that one of the waiters is having a nervous breakdown and as the family rush off, Christian is left looking after Zainab who confesses everything to Christian and as he listens to her, she asks him if he really loves Syed. When the rest of the family return, they're stunned to see Zainab holding Christian's hands and as she invites him to dinner and Afia and Tamwar vow to make their marriage work, it looks like things are getting back on track for the family. Elsewhere, Amira departs Walford but when she gets into a taxi after having given Yasmin over to Syed, will she ever return? Meanwhile, Denise and Kim are sent a £100,000 cheque in the post.

Friday 9th March

Mandy worries that Lorraine is drinking too much whilst she's back on the Square and thinks that she should leave but as Ian insists that she hasn't outstayed her welcome, Mandy is raging when she comes home to a disorganized house with Lorraine passed out next to a bottle of vodka. This leads to a massive row where Lorraine grabs Mandy and says that she doesn't have a nice bone in her body to the surprise of Lucy who has been listening into the argument between mother and daughter. Later that day as the family have a meal in the Arjee Bhajee to try and relieve tension, Lucy sticks up for Mandy and tells Ian that Lorraine has been stealing money from his wallet. And when Lorraine turns nasty towards Ian, the shamed mother is ordered to leave the household but not before telling Ian that Mandy is not to be trusted and has been down the aisle many times before. Elsewhere, Shirley continues trying to keep Heather to herself and Amira calls Syed to say that she's returning to collect Yasmin.