Dieter Brummer to reprise his role as Troy Miller on C5 soap 'Neighbours' for new guest stint!

NeighboursFormer Home And Away actor Dieter Brummer is set to reprise his role as Captain Troy Miller on the Australian soap for another guest slot. Brummer has already returned to filming for the scenes which are set to air later this year.

Viewers last seen his character in 2011 when he was introduced as Sonya Mitchell's (Eva Morey's) ex-boyfriend who was later revealed as the father of young Callum Baker, Sonya's son. However, producers are keeping tight lipped as to the circumstances of Troy's return but have confirmed that the character will be back on screen for a few weeks.

A source for the show told showbiz and entertainment website Digital Spy: ''Sonya eventually sent Troy packing last year, so his return will certainly ruffle feathers in Erinsborough. But viewers will have to wait and see why he is back and what's in store for him this time around."