Hollyoaks Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 27th February to Friday 2nd March - Mercedes causes havoc!

This week in Hollyoaks, Mercedes' kiss with Rhys comes back to bite her when the rest of the family turn against her, even mum Myra. Meanwhile, Dodger is put out by Jodie and Texas' closeness of recent times and Doug and Ste's joint business venture doesn't appear to be working out.

Monday 27th February

Rhys reels in horror from Mercedes’ kiss. Mercedes begs him not to say a word, but will he or won’t he tell Jacqui? Jodie enlists Texas and Dodger into her dance project. Dodger is hopeful that things will hot up in the dance studio, but his ego is dented when Jodie finds another sexier dance partner. Doug and Ste take their first steps in business, but it’s soon clear that they have different ideas. Is this a partnership made in Heaven or Hell?

Tuesday 28th February

Blood-thirsty Jacqui arrives at the McQueens to take Mercedes to task for snogging Rhys. Jacqui, Carmel and Myra tear a strip off home-wrecker Mercy and for once mild-mannered Carmel truly lets rip. It looks as if it’s all over for the McQueens until Mercy reveals a dreadful secret. New business partners Doug and Ste’s first day trading ends in disaster. Texas tries to talk to Cheryl about her confused feelings for hot dancer Jodie.

Wednesday 29th February

Hungover Texas wakes in bed with Jodie and wonders what the hell happened last night. Jodie abandons dance rehearsals to help Texas with her photography project. Myra lays down the law with Mercedes – fix things with Jacqui or you’re out of the family. All looks lost for the McQueens’ until the one person Mercy is desperate to see walks back into her life. Ruby is over the moon when she finally gets an in with the Sixth-Form in-crowd.

Thursday 1st March

Mitzeee tries to persuade Mercedes to get out of Riley’s life, but Mercy begs Riley to take her back.  Is that what he’s come back for? Jodie, Texas and Dodger try to score Jodie a high dance grade. Maddie turns cold on Ruby and reveals her vulnerability over having sex with Callum. He surprises her with his patience though.  Texas gets a horrible shock when an unexpected love rival turns up at Eighties night. Does this mean that Texas is in love with Jodie?

Friday 2nd March

Jacqui is suspicious over Mercedes’ motives for wanting Riley back. Ruby invites Jono to dinner to meet Jack and Frankie, but will Jono meet Jack’s strict approval? Dodger discovers that Texas snogged Jodie and is surprised by his jealous response. But who is it he’s most jealous of?