Neighbours Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 27th February to Friday 2nd March - Bye Bye Aud!

NeighboursThis week on Neighbours, Susan and Karl are reunited in grief when they have to say goodbye to their faithful dog Audrey. Elsewhere, nasty Rhys continues to try to get up the ranks as a surgeon and Andrew has to use Sophie to his advantage. With thanks to C5 for the episode synopsis'.

Monday 27th February

Rhys fights his way into the surgical program, assuring Jessica he can prove himself by passing an entrance exam - only for Karl wise up to his manipulation and threaten the opportunity. Desperate to save his place, Rhys opens up to Karl, revealing what it is that drives him to be a surgeon… Meanwhile, Callum ignites Susan's suspicion when he gets involved in a plan to promote Kyle's business.

Tuesday 28th February

Andrew needs Sophie to continue seeing Corey in order to sign the band Red Cotton, fearing his deal will sour when he later discovers she's contemplating calling it off. Desperate, he encourages Sophie to give Corey another chance, but when Summer learns of his manipulation, she challenges him to put his cousin ahead of business. Will he follow her advice? Discovering Priya’s applying to be the new Erinsborough High principal, Paul tries to intimidate her. Privately fearing he’s met his match, Paul’s determined to rile her at the school board meeting but radically underestimates her. Will she score the job? Meanwhile, after she and Erin over their mutual dislike of Rhys, Kate learns of her friend's travel plans and is inspired to take steps to change her own life.

Wednesday 29th February

Despite initially feeling inspired by Emilia to return to his freewheeling teaching style, Michael soon finds himself stifled by Priya’s rules. Defying her new order, Michael resorts to his unique approach - but is he about to be busted? Meanwhile, Callum reaches out to Priya's daughter Rani; and Sophie sparks a feud with Andrew when she goes back on her word, by dumping Corey.

Thursday 1st March

Reacting on instinct, Michael bins his lesson plans: he’ll continue to teach the way he wants. However, when he tells Emilia what he’s done, she comes up with a better idea to keep Priya off his back - which, to his dismay, involves breaking into the school to retrieve his plans. Unaware that Lucas is also about to declare his feelings for Emilia, the illicit adventure brings Michael’s feelings for her to the surface – will he dare to tell her the truth? When Audrey's health takes a turn for the worse and the news isn’t as they’d hoped, Karl and Susan once again face uncertain times. Can they overcome their awkwardness with each other in order to make the necessary decisions? And could this shared crisis bring the Kennedys back together? Realising she has a staffing problem at work, Priya reluctantly cancels Lucas’s leave before appealing to Kate to return. Eagerly awaiting Priya’s first slip-up when Kate turns her down, Paul tries to stir the pot. Will a stressed Priya let his goading finally get to her?

Friday 2nd March

With Emilia failing to reciprocate his feelings, Lucas fears he’s rushed things again. Meanwhile, as Emilia seeks him out to see where she stands, Michael decides he can’t betray his best friend and claims her attraction to him isn't mutual. Resolving to move on, Emilia commits to Lucas by offering him a key to her house. However, when Lucas tries to contact Kate to arrange the same, he discovers she’s apparently disappeared. Meanwhile, Karl arranges to bury Audrey in the backyard but, to his surprise, Susan doesn’t want her somewhere that’s no longer her home. Taking matters into her own hands, Susan tries to smuggle Audrey out before Karl returns, only for a mix-up to instead see her lose Audrey altogether. When with Karl's help she tracks her down, Susan shows her appreciation by agreeing to a compromise; seeing the warmth between the couple, Summer mistakenly hopes this might bring them back together.