'Emmerdale' resident set to turn arsonist in shocking upcoming plot!

Emmerdale mechanic Adam Barton (Adam Thomas) is set to lash out at bad boy Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) blaming him for father John's death in an upcoming storyline when he sets fire to the village's garage in an attempt to get even with Cain who had an affair with Adam's mother Moira which inadvertadly led to John's death last week.

Clearly unstable as the stress of the past few weeks take their toll on the young man, Adam tries to rid himself of the man altogether by turning to arson as he mourns the death of his father John who tragically died in scenes aired last week which saw the jeep he and Moira were travelling in skidding on ice leading to a major car accident.

Although nobody is killed by the blaze, it's rumoured  that at least one character's life will be put at risk by the incident. However, new reports in The Daily Star suggest that Aaron Livesy (Danny Miller) will stand up for his friend, going as far as taking the rap for the crime leading to his exit!

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