Hollyoaks Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 20th to Friday 24th February - The Mc Queen Family at breaking point!

This week in Hollyoaks, Brendan tries to get rid of Joel but it's not as easy as he first thought. Elsewhere, the McQueen family are at breaking point as they begin to slowly turn against Mercedes. Elsewhere, Ash and Callum's little sister Lacey returns to Chester. With thanks to Lime Pictures!

Monday 20th February

Brendan is determined to find a way to oust Joel but Mitzeee warns him not to do anything too drastic.  Heeding her caution Brendan makes Joel a tempting offer.  Myra fears for Mercedes as she seems to be enveloped in depression and wonders what they can do to help her.  Elsewhere George is getting increasingly panicked by Phoebe’s absence and Amy continues to vie for Ally’s affections.

Tuesday 21st February

Joel’s attempts to woo Theresa backfire as his jealousy gets the better of him and Theresa witnesses his darker side.  The McQueens rally round Mercedes and drag her out to the party but they get more than they bargained for when she sets her sights on a new man.  Callum is stunned when his mum drops a bombshell and George is left questioning his place with the Kanes.  Ste & Doug fight it out for a job in College Coffee but it seems Doug’s competitive side isn’t all that fair when he sabotages Ste’s coffees.

Wednesday 22nd February

Mercedes is unapologetic for her actions last night but Theresa is determined to give Mercedes another chance and suggests she look after Kathleen Angel for a while.  But when she returns to an empty house Theresa panics – where the hell is Mercedes?!  Joel decides that there’s nothing for him in Hollyoaks anymore and tells Brendan he’s going to go - but Brendan has other plans for him…  Elsewhere, its action stations as the Kanes move house but when Ash discovers the truth about George it jeopardizes everything.

Thursday 23rd February

A frustrated Mercedes tries her best to make amends but things go from bad to worse when the McQueens end up in A&E.  As Mercedes spirals further out of control Jacqui determines that they have to do something.  And soon!  George and Callum work hard to try and win Ash’s silence but an unexpected return of younger sister Lacey (Georgia Burke) throws all the Kanes into chaos.  Ste encourages Doug to try a new business venture at the Coffee Shop but will they convince Tony that it’s a good idea?

Friday 24th February

Jacqui pays a visit to a face from the past, determined to do what she can to help Mercedes, but while she’s away Rhys is shocked when Mercedes hits a new low.  Is it too late to help her?  Ste tries to make amends to Doug and shocks him with a business proposal.  Elsewhere, George tries to win over Callum’s sister and Amy is bowled over by an admission from Ally.