Home And Away Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 20th to Friday 24th February - Heath fights for Angelo's!

This week on Home And Away, Irene's life is at risk but can Sid, John and Alf get to her in time? Elsewhere, Heath tries to fight to save Angelo's and is willing to go to any lengths to save the restaurant. Meanwhile, Sasha calls a truce with Stu! With thanks to C5!

Monday 20th February

Alone and adrift at sea, Irene suffers a heart attack, prompting Sid, John and Alf to mount a rescue effort - but will she pull through? With Irene's life on the line, Bianca asks April to put a stop to any more drama, by staying away from Heath; however, when he admits he lied about using her, April is tempted to break her promise. Meanwhile, Geoffrey King offers Heath a deal that will supposedly help him get Angelo's out of debt.

Tuesday 21st February

As Brax continues to drink away his pain, Geoffrey tightens his grip on Angelo's, tricking Heath into buying a stack of alcohol on the premise of helping to bring the restaurant back from the brink. When Heath accepts a watch from the dodgy dealer, little does he realise what it might mean, leaving Brax worried he might be about to lose his business after all. Meanwhile, feeling the loss of Charlie, Leah turns to Elijah for support; and April's suspicion that Bianca fancies Heath makes her more determined than ever to hang onto him - but will he agree to keep their relationship a secret?

Wednesday 22nd February

Ruby sees through her plans to move to the city, where much to Morag’s disapproval, she turns to partying hard as a distraction from her grief. After a visit from Casey, Ruby realises she blames him for Charlie’s death and breaks up with him, before ultimately deciding she belongs back in the Bay. After Brax is questioned over some stolen goods he realises that it was Geoffrey that has tipped off the police, so he takes Watson to the storage facility in his attempt to force his arrest. However, when they arrive the warehouse is empty, and it appears that Geoffrey has gone on the run. Leah pours her energy into helping Brax deal with the loss of Charlie, despite criticism from Colleen and Elijah. When she later turns up at Angelo's to find him, drunk and in despair, engaged in a desperate act to keep Angelo's out of Geoffrey's hands, she realises Brax needs her friendship now more than ever.

Thursday 23rd February

Out at the farm, Alan propositions Sid to call a truce: in exchange for his dropping the charges against Stu, he'll do the same against the hospital assault. Unaware of this, Sasha, meanwhile, secretly meets up with Stu, hoping to get Stu to breach his AVO and force Alan's hand. Later, Stu reveals he's leaving Summer Bay and, reasoning that she's got a chance to make things right for Sid, tells Sasha to join him in the car for a chat. Shortly afterwards, Sasha returns home battered and bruised, forcing Dex and Xavier to her defence. They confront Stu’s father, but Gina intervenes, admonishing Xavier for jeopardising his prospects of joining the police force. Elsewhere, as Dex finally plucks up the courage to reveal to Sid his future plans, Romeo begins to feel uncomfortable in his new role selling condos for the resort development - and his enthusiasm for taking a client out surfing soon puts his new career in jeopardy.

Friday 24th February

With the council election race heating up, Alf has a fight on his hands as Harvey threatens to close down the resort development if he's successful - and, judging by the mood at a local debate, the feelings of the community may be with him. Romeo is given a second chance to make money for Dennis but again feels like a failure. He surprisingly seals the deal on a string of sales, which wins him praise from his boss but makes him feel worse about his career future. Despite Gina's advice that he should keep his distance while the Walkers deal with their family dramas, Xavier caves and admits to Sasha he has feelings for her; however, he's only left feeling more confused when she rebuffs him by admitting she’s 'toxic'. Meanwhile, as Sid grows increasingly frustrated with Dex’s lack of direction, Dex finally decides to bite the bullet and reveals he has decided he wants to become a nurse.

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