Neighbours Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 20th to Friday 24th February - Scheming Rhys lands Erin in trouble!

NeighboursThis week in Neighbours, nasty Rhys takes advantage of Erin in order to move up the career ladder. Elsewhere, Michael decides to give up being principal to get back into the classroom as a conventional teacher and Sophie continues her relationship with Corey. With thanks to C5 for the synopsis'!

Monday 20th February

Hoping to distract Erin to get ahead at work, Rhys manipulates their first date, inviting her home to his place with the intention of making her miss an important class the following morning. Although his plan appears to fail, Rhys is delighted when Erin’s lateness earns her an official warning. Seeing her vulnerability, Rhys feigns concern and presents himself as a source of comfort. When Erin accepts, Rhys gloats to Kate, but this only serves to fire her up. Determined to make him pay, Kate warns Erin that Rhys only using her. Has Kate stopped him getting what he wants? Frustrated by the pressures of going back to work, Michael unwittingly snaps at Emilia. Realising he needs to make a drastic change before his job gets the better of him, he decides to take the plunge and give up his career as principal to return to his passion - teaching. Meanwhile, seeing the Kennedy house is still riddled with Susan's touches, Paul challenges Karl to make the place his own.

Tuesday 21st February

Sophie continues seeing Corey, blackmailing Andrew to keep their relationship secret from Paul. However, when Kate spies Sophie on her date, she realises how much about her sister's life she's missing; in the process of trying to find out more, she inadvertently alerts Paul to the situation. Frustrated when Paul responds by grounding her, Sophie blasts Kate and warns her to stay out of her life. Rhys scrambles to keep Erin onside, claiming Kate’s simply a jealous ex determined to stop him from moving on. Erin cautiously believes him, even turning on Kate for not letting Rhys live his life. Kate can’t believe Rhys could deceive Erin but he warns her she’s wasting her time messing with him. Needing to boost his business, Kyle makes a deal with Callum. However with Callum concerned about Sonya finding out, Kyle agrees to keep it quiet. But how long until it’s discovered?

Wednesday 22nd February

Chris is embarrassed when Lucas clumsily tries to find out if Aidan is gay after seeing what he thinks are the first sparks of romance between the pair. However, what really worries him is his family's reaction: with a potential relationship in the wings, will Chris risk his father's disapproval? Meanwhile, Sonya unwittingly causes a rift between Jade and Kyle when she tries to extract from her sister more information about her past, and Summer is suspicious of Andrew's motives when he urges Sophie to ignore Paul's objections to her romance with Corey.

Thursday 23rd February

At the Australia Day barbecue, Chris worries he's ruined his chances of a relationship with Aidan when he accidentally injures him during a volleyball game and, as bartender Vaughan steps in to help, realises he might have competition. Finally waking up to his feelings, will Chris risk pursuing them? Meanwhile, Jade dismisses Kyle’s attempts to apologise for telling Sonya about her ex. Desperate to make it up to her, he offers her some of his own secrets, but when she refuses to budge, he challenges her for taking her issues out on him: will Jade be prepared to accept his apology and move on? Elsewhere, keen to solidify his relationship with Emilia, Lucas takes her on an Australia Day date - but things don’t go exactly according to plan.