Eastenders Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 20th to Friday 24th February - Derek Branning turns nasty!

EastendersThis week on Eastenders, Derek turns nasty when he tries to intervene in the Jack and Roxy situation. Elsewhere, Whitney tries to make amends for the situation with Fatboy by getting Janine to give him a DJ slot and Alfie is unsure of the deal with Derek.

Monday 20th February

Derek defends Jack when he sees Roxy and him having an awkward conversation but he ends up looking foolish when Shirley sticks up for Roxy and ends up making a fool of Derek. Elsewhere, Roxy helps Alfie by stealing Derek's phone to try and find out who his supplier of dodgy booze is so Alfie can cut out the middle man and cut his losses with Derek. Later on, Derek takes a photo of Roxy from the CCTV and plays games with Jack telling him that accidents happen. Elsewhere, Whitney asks Janine to give Fatboy a job as a DJ at R & R to make up for dumping him but despite being pleased at getting a job, he's upset to see Whitney and Tyler in a passionate embrace.

Tuesday 21st February

Derek continues his mindgames with Jack, telling him that Roxy is shutting him out just as he was shut out from his daughter's life. Shocked at Derek's admission, Jack follows him as he explains that he has a daughter Chrissy and points to a girl in school uniform who he says has no idea of his existence. Later that evening, upon trying to intercept a delivery which she finds out about via Derek's phone however she's unaware that she's being watched from the shadows. Elsewhere, Dot is outraged when she sees letters that Rose has received from her admirer.

Thursday 23rd February

Derek hires a man Andy to carry out a hit on Roxy but tells him that all he wants is for him to scare her. However, just as he's about to grab her from behind, the hired man spots Roxy, Billy and Alfie grabbing booze from the intercepted delivery and bringing it back to The Queen Vic. Later on, Derek calls off the hit on Roxy and asks Andy to investigate the missing alcohol. Telling him what he saw, Andy is instructed by Derek to carry out the hit after all and when Roxy has an argument with Derek and claims full responsibility for the stolen alcohol, he threatens her telling her he expects the booze he paid for. However, ignoring Jack's requests for him to leave Roxy out of it, Andy goes to Roxy's, is she in danger?

Friday 24th February

Jack heads round to have it out with Roxy but he's shocked when Shirley informs him that she didn't come home last night. Confronting hard man Derek, Jack is told that he couldn't resist scaring her but fearful of what has happened, Jack heads round to see Max who he shares his fears with. Not wanting to end up with Amy not knowing him like in Derek and Chrissy's case, Jack decides to go and see Derek again and ends up punching his brother when Derek's lies are revealed.  Elsewhere, Amira is taken aback when Anthony makes a romantic gesture.