Hollyoaks Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 13th to Friday 17th February - Will Nancy say I Do or I Don't?

This week on Hollyoaks, it's the big day for Nancy and Darren but with the former out of action, it's a race against time to convince her to stick around in the village for long enough to see Darren's surprise wedding! Elsewhere, Joel returns to the village to the confusion of Mitzeee and Annalise recruits Rob to plan their romantic Valentine's trip to Paris but can he step up to the plate? With thanks to Lime Pictures!

Monday 13th February

It’s the day before the wedding and Darren is putting the final plans in place for his surprise Valentines Day nuptials with Nancy. Lynsey, concerned for Mercedes, turns detective to track her down - and is horrified to discover who she’s gone to meet... Elsewhere Jodie and Texas attempt to clear the air following ‘that’ kiss. Meanwhile, Margaret continues to deceive an oblivious Nancy and makes a final push to lure her away from Darren and Hollyoaks

Tuesday 14th February

It’s Valentines Day in Hollyoaks. Everyone is making final preparations for the wedding later that day when the Osbornes make a shocking discovery… Nancy has disappeared. Unaware of their frantic search for his bride, Darren is enjoying a wedding breakfast with Rhys when bad news arrives in the form of Cindy… Elsewhere, Sinead’s plans for a romantic Valentines Day with Bart don’t go to plan, but Cheryl and Lynsey try to mend their broken bridges.

Wednesday 15th February

Nancy is shocked to discover she is supposed to be getting married today. Will she forgive Darren for his deception in time to make it down the aisle? At her impromptu Valentine’s party Sinead is refusing to fogive Bart for his earlier antics while Maddie is disappointed in Callum and a love-sick Jono is missing Ruby… Elsewhere Cheryl receives an unwelcome Valentines surprise and Mitzeee gets a shock…

Thursday 16th February

Mitzeee struggles to understand why Joel has returned to the village and Brendan gets an unpleasant surprise when he uncovers the reason why… Elsewhere, It seems Tony got lucky on Valentines night with someone from his past and Annalise sets Rob the task of planning their trip to Paris, while Scott gets into hot water over a Valentine’s prank.

Friday 17th February

Scott feels increasingly guilty and resolves to patch things up with Cheryl. Dodger decides that he and Will are in need of some brotherly bonding but his plans go awry when Will has a run-in with Joel… With Brendan on the warpath, Mitzeee worries about Joel’s safety and Ste mis-times his attempt to get a reference from Chez Chez.