Neighbours Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 13th to Friday 17th February - Is Toadie in hot water?

NeighboursThis week in Neighbours, Sophie turns all rebellious as she sneaks off to a gig but when she meets another guy, could it be love at first sight? Elsewhere, Toadie fights to clear his name from the Chris attack case but will he go to any ends to prevent himself from getting into trouble? Meanwhile, Kyle and Jade are still acting awkwardly around each other but will Jade's past be revealed? With thanks to C5!

Monday 13th February

After Paul refuses to allow her to attend the all-ages gig, Sophie blackmails Andrew into persuading Paul to let her go. However, the success of the event is overshadowed when Andrew catches Sophie kissing an older boy, threatening Andrew’s hard-earned trust with his father. Despite Kyle's efforts at convincing her to cancel boot camp, Jade resorts to deception to get her own way. When Kyle discovers what she’s done, he seeks out Sonya’s help and shares his assumption that Jade’s independent streak is the result of her ex-boyfriend. As it becomes clear that Sonya, too, has been kept in the dark, Kyle realises how serious Jade's past must be and promises to stand by her. Meanwhile, Summer vows to leave her guilt behind after being accepted into the journalism course at uni - but will it prove to be easier said than done?

Tuesday 14th February

Frustrated by the lack of progression by the police to find Chris’s attacker, Lucas takes matters into his own hands and, after identifying him as the owner of a greyhound due to race that day, sees to it that Lewis is apprehended at the track. As Toadie's friends begin to hope that this puts an end to his problems, however, Lewis alleges that the lawyer was the one who hired him. Desperate to prove his innocence, Toadie asks for a favour - but what's his plan? Meanwhile, Andrew finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place, blackmailed by Sophie into letting her see Corey but anxious to avoid news of her romance reaching Paul's ears.

Wednesday 15th February

Determined to clear his name, Toadie takes a gamble and poses as Lewis’s court-appointed lawyer; as he hoped, Lewis fails to recognise him as the man he claimed to have hired him. Despite being cleared, when Toadie returns to work, he’s stunned to discover his job is still in doubt. Tired of the firm treating Toadie poorly, Sonya encourages him to think of what would make him happy. He decides Simmons and Colbert is where he wants to work, but will they want him back? Meanwhile, Tash wrestles with her indecision over what course to take after finishing school; and, terrified of returning to the garage following his assault, Chris has some unexpected help when forced to face his fears.

Thursday 16th February

After being told that the law firm is letting him go with the offer of a settlement, Toadie refuses to give up without a fight and decides to lay down his terms: either he gets his job back or pursues a case of unfair dismissal. Despite Sonya's frustration that he's risked everything without consulting her, Toadie's tense wait comes to an end when Charlotte reports that Simmons and Colbert would rather have him working with than against them: he's back on board. Shocked to discover that Emilia moonlights as a nude model, Lucas finally admits to her he’s not comfortable with it. His conservatism is proof to Emilia that there is no real connection between them, and is underscored when Michael offers her the understanding that Lucas can't. Elsewhere, not realising how proud Michael is of her, Tash is amazed that he unquestioningly supports her decision to study Arts. However, she hasn't failed to notice that there’s something different about him: what is it?

Friday 17th February

Still determined to earn a place in the surgery programme, Rhys works to uncover his next target’s weakness. When he discovers that Erin's vulnerable and recently on the rebound, he decides to pursue her romantically as a means to divert her attention from her studies. Realising that Erin isn't Rhys's usual type but knowing she has a spot on the programme, Kate suspects that he's up to no good and challenges him, claiming that no woman in her right mind would fall for his plan. Rhys remains unshaken and has a win when Erin agrees to go on a date with him the night before an important class. How far will Rhys go to get what he wants? Worried she’s imposing on Toadie and his family, Susan organises to meet with a real estate agent. Her plan to move forward, however, is thwarted when she finds she and Priya have been double-booked by the same agent. Despite some initial tension between them, when Priya clocks Susan stuck in a compromising position, she softens and offers her neighbour the support she needs. Determined to win Emilia back, Lucas goes to extremes to prove how open-minded he can be, successfully convincing her to give him another chance.

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