Home And Away Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 13th to Friday 17th February - Charlie Buckton, dead or alive?

This week on Home And Away, it's a heartbreaking week for Ruby as Charlie is rushed into hospital following the shooting and daughter Ruby is forced to choose whether to keep her on the ventilator or let her die. Elsewhere, Liam and Bianca announce their engagement to the rest of the Bay as they host an engagement party. Meanwhile, word starts to spread about April's one night stand with Heath and her sister Bianca is not impressed, is she jealous of her sister or is she just looking out for her?

Monday 13th February

After being left in a critical condition, Charlie is rushed to hospital, where the full extent of her injuries soon becomes apparent. Told that the ventilator is all that's keeping her sister alive, Ruby is told that there's no chance of recovery and warned of the difficult decision that lies ahead. Meanwhile, as Sid's release from custody sparks further confrontation, Leah learns during the police investigation into the shooting that Jake is officially a suspect - prompting Brax to take justice into his own hands.

Tuesday 14th February

After a long talk with Elijah, Leah, Sid and Casey, Ruby makes the heartbreaking decision to act on medical advice and agree to taking Charlie off life support. Unable to accept what's happening, a distraught Brax barricades himself in Charlie's room. It's only as the police prepare to storm in that Casey rushes forward and talks his brother down, before Charlie's loved ones steel themselves for a last goodbye. After a confrontation with Stu's father, Sid finds his job at the hospital in jeopardy. In the meantime, Roo struggles to see past Sid’s violent outburst, and questions whether or not she can be with him: although she understands his motivation for the attack, can she accept this very side to him?

Wednesday 15th February

As Charlie receives a full police funeral, her loved ones and co-workers prepare to say their last goodbyes. However, Brax remains too distraught to attend the service, hitting the bottle before arriving at Leah's for the wake. Meanwhile, with Ruby preparing to leave for the city regardless, it's decision time for Casey; and elsewhere, Xavier and Sasha forge a new friendship after he defends her from hassle in the diner.

Thursday 16th February

Seeing Heath for the first time since their night together, April is hurt when she realises he only ever saw what happened as a one-off. However, when he sees the display Liam and Bianca are putting on at their engagement party, it isn't long before Heath again turns to her for a distraction - and the two of them are caught in a compromising position. Meanwhile, as they make it up after their falling out at the formal dance, Xavier tells April about his new career decision.

Friday 17th February

With Bianca astounded by her sister's fling, Liam can't help wondering if she's jealous, later letting slip to Heath that it was April's first time. Shocked by the truth, Heath leaves her crushed when he decides to distance himself from the situation and gives her the brush-off. Heartbroken to have spotted April and Heath together, Dex turns to Dallas for a distraction. Furious at his forwardness, she reasons that their being together wouldn't make him feel any better and encourages him to try to patch things up with his ex. Elsewhere, feeling an improvement to her health, Irene decides to enjoy the sunshine and go sailing - only for her solo trip to threaten disaster.

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