Eastenders Episode Synopsis' for the week from Monday 13th February to Friday 17th February!

EastendersThis week on  Eastenders, Heather is taken aback when Andrew loses his temper with her and has an angry outburst. Elsewhere, Alfie gets embroiled in Derek's dodgy dealings, could the pub landlord end up getting himself in trouble when he gets mixed up with the Walford gangster? Meanwhile, Whitney ends up breaking FatBoy's heart when she dumps him in favour of shacking up with cheeky chappie Tyler Moon!

Monday 13th February

Heather is intrigued when Andrew tells her to book a babysitter for tomorrow night. Meanwhile, she continues to plan her wedding asking for Shirley to be her maid of honour and telling Peter that she wants him to give her away. However, with Shirley feeling down due to Phil not turning up for his prison visit, Heather decides to keep her friend company, informing her husband-to-be that she won't be able to make it unaware that he's planned a special night for them but when he reacts angrily, Heather is shocked. Elsewhere, Tanya is afraid that Max has a wandering eye when Lucy comes to stay at their house. Elswhere, Derek tries to manipulate  Jack to get back at the Mitchells.

Tuesday 14th February

Alfie and Shenice return to Walford from visiting Charlie and Alfie is straight into work as he works at sorting out the dire financial state that he and Kat are currently in. However, after he's informed by Ray that Derek has been using the Vic's barrel store for storing illegal copper. After he confronts him, Derek suggests joining forces with Alfie to pull off a tax scheme to do with the sale of alcohol. However, he's soon left regretting the decision to agree to Derek's deal after Roxy and Michael hear of the deal that Alfie has pulled off and inform him of the beating Michael received from Derek. Elsewhere, Derek undermines Max by giving Lauren money to go out drinking and Whitney isn't impressed when FatBoy buys her an excess of presents.

Thursday 16th February

Fatboy's present of plane tickets to Paris causes uneasiness in the young lady who is harbouring secret feelings for Tyler. However, after giving Tyler some gentle ribbing about his feelings for Whitney, Michael decides to give him some relationship advice and suggests that Tyler sweeps Whitney off her feet. After he grabs her and kisses her, Tyler ends up annoying the lass who storms off in a huff. However, later that day, when Fatboy meets up with Whitney, the lad is left heartbroken when she admits that kissing him is like kissing a friend and says that she has feelings for Tyler. Meanwhile, Heather feels guilty after returning home to see the amount of effort that Andrew had put into their night in which she turned down. Elsewhere, Alfie struggles to get out of the deal with Derek.

Friday 17th February

Feeling sad about being ignored by Tamwar, Afia asks Fatboy to try and get through to his friend to which he obliges as he tells Tamwar that he isn't aware how lucky he is to have Afia. However, as he confides in his friend, Tamwar admits that he's ashamed of the scars he has from the Christmas Day fire. Advising his mate to open up to Afia, Tamwar takes Fatboy's advice onboard and shows his wife his scars for the first time but after he misreads her facial expression, Tamwar is hurt. Meanwhile, Heather asks Shirley to give her and Andrew space to be a couple and Tyler messes things up with Whitney.